March 21, 2023


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‘Sims Spark’d’ Reality-Competition TV Show on TBS, BuzzFeed – Various

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Twenty years after its debut, the sustainable gaming title “The Sims” is receiving treatment on the reality-TV show – a la “Project Runway” – where 12 contestants received a ,000 100,000 grand prize.

An electronic arts “Sims Spark’d” show focusing on the virtual-world game challenge later this month on TBS under Turner Sports’ Elig Sports and Gaming Entertainment brands, as well as BuzzFeed multiplayer, which includes gaming, culture and games.

In the four-episode show that premiered on July 1, notable members of the “The Sims” online community will compete between the simulation game’s skills and elimination challenges, racing against the clock to impress a three-judge panel. Each of the 12 contestants specializes in an element of “Sims 4” gameplay (character design, house building and story).

“Since its inception, ‘The Sims’ has been an epoch-making experience, allowing players to create and bring to life the stories they have created in their game,” said GM Lindsay Pearson of the Sims franchise. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. We’ve continued that innovative spirit, uniting our communities to compete and showcase the story of their game in a completely new way in reality shows. “

Shoot the footage for “The Sims Spark’d” in late 2019 at EA Broadcast Studio in Redwood City, California with the help of shoot wrapping before the end of the year. The company previously worked on “The Amazing Race” to help TV producer Richard Hall produce the series.

Both Turner Sports and BuzzFeed are hoping that the “Sims” fanbase will drive viewers to watch the show on their respective platforms. Last month, EA said that “The Sims 4” topped the list with nearly 10 million unique monthly players in the last quarter, up from 2.5 million in the previous two months.

For Turner Sports, “The Sims Spark’d” fits its strategy of expanding its dialogue to include a gaming lifestyle and culture programming – with a particular focus on sports competition – said Craig Barry, Turner Sports’ chief content officer.

“We’re looking for games and platforms where we can really lean towards gaming culture,” Barry said. “When ‘Sims Spark’ was released it was kind of the right direction we were going … There are very few gaming franchises that aren’t sports that have stood the test of time like ‘The Sims’.”

That said, he acknowledges that “Sims” is “an unreadable gaming platform in terms of creating TV assets – so it’s somewhat unproven.” Barry continued, “It has some proof-of-concept going on … but we think it’s a good product for a TV listener.” “Turner’s optimistic show has attracted fans (or even those unfamiliar with the game) as well as die-hard” Sims. ” The player will draw both.

“The Sims Sparkled” is hosted by Rayvan Owen, a 14-season “American Idol” finalist. Sims’ Game “; Singer-songwriter Tela Parks, who has done voice acting for the game and sang “Me vs. Us” (simlish in the language of the game) for the “Sims 4 Become Famous” expansion pack; And game developer Dave “Simguruniza” Miot, who has worked for 15 years at EA’s Maxis Studios (behind “The Sims”).

In addition to the show’s TBS debut, EA is launching a series of in-game challenges to “The Sims 4”, known as the Sparkled Challenge program, starting Friday, July 17, with top producers winning chances to be considered for the future of “Sims Sparkled” season. (More information is available at this link.)

Eleg’s “Sims Spark’d” will debut on Friday, July 17, and Friday, April 17. The ET / PT episodes will premiere on TBS on Friday (July 24 and 31 and Aug. August) at 11 a.m. weekly on TBS Slots August 1 and 8) will be repeated on the network at 8 am.

The episodes will then go to the BuzzFeed multiplayer, which will air each installment of “The Sims Spark” on Mondays after airing on TV (August 20, 27 and August 3, 10).

Cast of “Sims Spark’d”

Brandon Smith, executive producer of BuzzFeed Multiplayer, said in a statement: “We look forward to introducing to the BuzzFeed Multiplayer’s very busy General Z community a new form of storytelling within the fictional world of The Sims.

Ahead of the premiere of The Sims Spark’s, L’Aeg will air a special episode of “LEG Game Night Focus” on “The Sims 4” premiere on TBS at ET / PT at midnight on Friday, July 10. Ellie will co-host the one-hour version of “Game Night” with Kelly Nugent and Effie Nawadeu of Super Punch, which will be attended by host Raven Owen and participants in “The Sims Spark’d”, including show contestant Dr. Ashley and Xmirami. .

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