October 25, 2021


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Sitges Pitchbox 2021 Unveiling Movie, Series Finalist

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The Barcelona-based digital marketplace Filmmarket Hub and Catalonia’s Sitz Festival unveiled the lineup for Sitjest Pitchbox this year, which is currently an international pitching event based on a series of feature films and series.

This year’s event will run October 8-15 as part of larger industry activities at the Sitges Film Festival. Representatives from each project will be given time to pitch in front of the assembled industry staff of scheduled content studios, Red Arrow Studios, The MediaPro Studios, Wild Bunch and many more large international organizations.

There are four Cash Development Prizes for Best Feature 5,000 ($), two Runner-Up Films € 1,000 ($) Score and Best Series € 2,500 ($) Blood Window’s Javier Fernandez, Frontiers’ Anik Mahnart and Jungsuk Thomas NAF The winner will be selected by a jury formed by Biffan and Movistar Plus’ Anna Diaz, Filipinos from Westerport and Candela Izquierdo from the Spanish Federation for the series.

All five series of projects will be invited to Shoreners Lab and will be offered one-on-one advisory sessions as well as a series of masterclass access.

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International feature film

“Anima” (Andres Beltra, Colombia, USA)

Written and directed by one of Colombia’s busiest up-and-comers, “Anima” is Andres Beltran’s (“Wild District,” “Tarumama”) way of expressing the grief and grief he felt when he lost his father at a young age, the medium where he prospered. Horror movies. Colombian “Narcos” producer Dynamo Natalia Ichevari (“Monos”), who is building a strong relationship with Beltran, co-produced with Luisa Fernanda Velosa (“Bad Day”)

“Jane” (Aram Gariga, Spain)

Xavier Calvo (“Veneno”) and Mara Latham co-wrote this period drama that turned Jane Wilf, a faded Hollywood star who moved to Sicily with her spiritual mentor and romantic correspondent, Alistair Crowley, to find only an unpleasant situation. As can be imagined. Garriga directs and produces for Visual Spectacles and Carlos Torres for Zarbiski Films.

“La Virgin de la Toscura” (Laura Casabe, Argentina, Mexico)

Renowned Argentine filmmaker Benjamin Naishat writes, based on two stories by author Mariana Enriquez, the thrilling incident took place in a rural suburb of Buenos Aires where three young women who recently graduated were injured along with a boy their age. But when his eyes fall and a charming old woman becomes frustrated with the attraction, one of them provokes his grandmother to make a spell on the young man, which is certainly upsetting. Produced by Valeria Bistagnino and Tomras Eloy Muñoz of Mostra Cine, Alejandro Israel of Ajimolido Films and Diego Martínez Ulanosky Caponeto.

“Mother of Pigs” (Jennifer Van Gessel, Australia)

“If you can’t choose your family, design one,” the logline of this sci-fi thriller goes down. “Mother of the Pig” introduces the talented young scientist Anna, who is creating ways to treat human illness through genetic modification. After one misfortune after another in his personal life, he is involved in an accident and goes into a coma, before waking up to a world where he is forced to suffer the consequences of his controversial actions.

“History of Monsters” (Juan Pablo Arias Munoz, USA)

Based on Arias’ 2019 short film, One of the Cities participants that year, “The History of Monsters” is a psychological thriller that combines horror and drama elements to tell the story of Evelyn, who isolates herself in order to survive the monsters. Earth every night. When the unknown Adam appears injured in the forest, Evelyn must decide whether to believe the man, or his own instincts and leave him out, must be killed by the demons.

“Tormenta de Abril” (Norma Villa, Spain)

Jenner is directed by expert filmmaker Norma Villa (“Jules de.” “El Fin de Todas Las Cosas”) and, along with Anna Hermetaxia, co-wrote the story of Abril, a middle-aged and insecure man who lives with George, 20-something and interesting. . George’s problem, though, is that he’s not real, but an image of Abril’s imagination based on an ex who left him two decades ago. Things take a strange turn when the real George appears. Nico Audiovisual is produced by Alexandre Bass and not alone in the production of Christina Urgel and Eva Moreno.

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Sitges Pitchbox 2021 Films
Credit: Filmmarket Hub

European script series

“Dark Road” (Paul Fitsimons, Ireland)

Like many other powerful thrillers, “Dark Road” begins with a dead body. When Ryan Watts was found dead in the vicinity of London, journalist Claire Goodwin began an investigation and quickly got the idea that the locals were hiding something. After confessing to the murder, his suspicions grow stronger when his first suspect dies. Why he admitted that crime had become a bigger mystery than the one that first caught his attention.

“On Your Skin” (Tina Stefan, Germany)

A dystopian sci-fi story set in a world where human labor has been replaced by robots, “on your skin” is not exposed in the public puzzle of poverty and addiction. Mourning the death of his father’s overdose, a talented engineer uses secret technology to replace the body with his company’s chief executive to bring it down from the inside.

“Madrid” (Dani Raina, Iker Aizapur, Spain)

Set in an alternative Madrid where there are people north of the city and zombies in the south, this series is an equal part of horror and comedy. Although in contrast to the character of “The Walking Dead”, the two Spanish communities have learned to co-exist, zombies work for people in exchange for their next life. “Madrid” is the story of Anna, a zombie mother who keeps a house for a wealthy human family and discovers a mystery that threatens the poor balance of the capital city … a cure for the zombie virus.

“Nexus” (Sergio Campo, Spain)

Fernanda Tabares of Bhoj Audiovisual produces this sci-fi road movie where Vega, a wild teenager is abducted and the only person who can save her is her twin sister Easter, using a telepathic connection to divide the two from childhood. Using her gifts, Easter hires two friends to hit the road and search for her twins across the north coast of Spain.

“Bad Teeth” (Sanjiana Kozorescu, Romania, United Kingdom)

Founded in Eastern Europe in the 15th century, this fantasy horror series is the story of Mara, a headstrong teenager who was forced into marriage but raped and murdered on her way to a new life. The tragic death, the death of an unelected avenger, returns as a Strigoi. Or historically, powerless characters are created when they are the victims of violent death – women, comedians, Muslims, and Roma shed light on the plight of the experience. Unlike more traditional themed vampires, Strigoi enjoys much more agency and can choose whether to be violent or kind.

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