October 23, 2021


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‘Six’ Review: Broadway Musical about Henry VIII’s Wife

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Powerful, armed akimbo and ready for the royal roar, King Henry VIII takes the abusive wives to the stage of the Sixth Victory-not only on the married king who made their mistake, but also in the late Broadway bow celebration of the musical “Six”, his scheduled opening by the epidemic last year. Closed a few hours ago.

But these ladies have been waiting for centuries, even ready to give some perspective and personality to their deductive footnotes in history, as echoed in the school yard: “Divorced, beheaded, dead; Divorced, beheaded, survived. ”You can now add“ glorious revival ”to this Brit import that has gathered enthusiastic followers as the show has traveled from the university lark to the viral jaggery, finally, to the celebratory West End and now Broadway Musical.

This fast-paced show এটি it’s only a minute-long minute-puts the Old Spice Girls in a competitive pop-rock concert মনে remembering “The Six Factor” েইwith the woman who has been judged the hardest to get promoted to lead singer. It may not be too much compensation for their suffering – especially for those who were literally on the chopping block. But for playwrights, the show (directed by Toby Marlowe and Lucy Moss and Moss and Jamie Armitage) was as sharp and shiny as a series of stiletto heels, and couldn’t have come at a better time.

The spirit-lifting energy of an arena concert, the humor and sauce of a particular bonhood, and a ton of biographical performances readily available on rap and snap এবং and that can stimulate recent historical music. Just as Lynn-Manuel Mirander “Hamilton” made us aware of “who lives, who dies, who tells your story”, “his story.” As one character puts it, “History is about to gain the throne.”

The creative team just did Gaga – and Gaga did it, not to mention Beyonc,, Adele, Nicki, Rihanna, Ariana, Alicia and Britney. In this non-stop remix, they have choreographed a wide musical inspiration, Carrie-Annie Ingrawil’s Super Bowl Halftime Verve. The glittering costumes of Gabriela Slade bring bling, wit and character details (and cunning icons and historical historical references) to each of these wonderful women as they wander around a concert-court of Emma Bailey in the blazing light of Tim Dealing.

Supported by a red-hot, all-female band (six, dance), each member of this ex-wife club gets singles to create their own case in their music style that reflects their story, vision and passion.

Catherine of Aragon (Adriana Hicks) shows off her sheer determination (and killer pipe) in the power-pop number “No Way”. Andrea Macassett is in a constant hurry to play the role of Ann Bolin, especially in the lollipop of a song, “Don’t lose your head.” Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Britney admits with Mack’s Anna of Cleves play that perhaps not all husbands and wives have suffered equally – or in her case, at all. Her hot-jazz number in “Get Down” which would seem right at home in “Pose”, she showed that prenup can only be a girl’s best friend.

Audience interest in this competitive concert concept may be easily welcomed but the variety of musical instruments, bite-sized storytelling and non-stop performances elevate the level of entertainment as the musical instruments create the opposite emotional depth.

As the only loving wife of Henry, Jane Seymour (Abby Mueller) makes it real with an alt-version of the wedding as she presents her case with the power rate band “Heart of Stone”. Catherine Howard of Samantha Paulie seems to keep things light and sexy at first in her descriptive numbers, but soon the dark side of aspiration is revealed in her amazing “All You Wanna Do”.

When the frozen emotions become very real, Catherine Parr of Anna Uzel – the final wife – decides to just get out of the game, glitz and stupidity, and plunge deeper into the drama of her power in the show “I don’t” need your love “and others Inspired to see themselves in the light, not Henry. With a new spirit, they are free of expectations and begin to change the course of history, albeit with some, happily rewriting their stories, at least for them.

Spot historians may take issue with this decision to remove the spotlight from the crown, while others may dismiss the musical concert format as an easy entertainment pick. Still, there is so much to appreciate and love. It may not be a masterpiece theater, but this “six” is a solid “10” for enjoyment.

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