September 21, 2021


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Slamdance Miami has announced the new Filmmaker Festival

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Slamdance, a non-profit organization dedicated to the discovery of filmmakers, has announced a new film festival: Slamdance Miami, starting October 23-30.

The festival will recognize emerging filmmakers from Central and South America, Florida and the Caribbean through an open-air, covid-sensitive festival on Miami’s North Beach Bandshell as well as Slamdance’s virtual platform.

Slamdance Miami is a collaboration between Slamdance, its alumni and Miami Arts Leaders. The partnership has selected 1 film from nine filmmakers representing the future of American filmmaking. The opening night of the festival, directed by Hector M. Valdez of the Dominican Republic, is the film “Malpaso”.

“As an artist-led group, Slamdance is a community, a year of experience and a statement where everyone is invited to take part,” said Peter Boxter, co-founder and filmmaker of Slamdance. “A lot of this slamdance has shaped Miami in an effort to support our artists, which we believe is the future of filmmaking.”

Festival programmer Ron Boyce added, “It really felt like Slamdance and Miami were made for each other. The only way to represent true Miami is to prioritize radical cultural inclusion and its optimistic rebellious spirit. Slamdance Miami is a unique celebration of the extraordinary solo vocals that hint at Miami’s cultural identity.

Slamdance Miami aims to light up a spotlight on emerging artists and organizations. “Building relationships with artists, programmers and educators within Miami builds a bridge to our own stories and organizations,” said Taylor Miller, manager of the Slamdance Miami Festival.

For more information about Slamdance Miami, visit

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