October 23, 2021


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‘Slave Play’ from Jeremy and Harris Los Angeles Run

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Updated: Jeremy and Harris are in the process of removing “Slave Play” from their upcoming Los Angeles-run Center Center Theater Group because of a lack of female playwrights to perform this season.

Harris Took to Twitter Share an email titled “Slave play in CTG” on 5 October with the following text:

Dear all,

I’m emailing to let you know why I don’t share a lot of digital excitement about ing tu.

As a playwright who respects the principles of both inclusions, it was a shock to realize that this season was programmed with only 1 woman in all theaters. As an Angelino and a lover of theater, I think the audience in Los Angeles deserves and deserves a fair performance from the playwrights working in the United States at the moment.

I’ve talked to my team and would like to start the process of removing the slave game from the season at this point. Hopefully in her place some of my favorite young playwrights will join this fold: Celine Song, Tori Sampson, Alesha Harris, Claire Kitchel, Antonet Nwandu, Ming Pfeiffer, Whitney White, Claire Baron, Mazkin Holmquist, Jane Murphy and more, today. Lots.

I hope this finds you all and I look forward to talking more.

See the full tweet below:

Despite being disappointed in this year’s Tennis, Harris announced his return to Broadway the day after the “Slave Play” show.

“Slave Play’s Return Engagement is an opportunity for me to revisit a play for New York and for the world that many met at the New York Theater Workshop and Broadway in 2001 and 2001, and thousands more met in its published version that year. Theaters around the world were dark, “Harris said of his return to Broadway.” I saw the play for the first time in class five years ago.

The Center Theater Group apologized on Twitter after Tuesday, writing in part: “We understand the frustration, disappointment and even anger at the lack of female playwrights in the upcoming season. Although we have announced a lineup of voices from many standpoints and identities, we acknowledge that we have fallen short of our own expectations and those of our community in terms of gender equality and we are saddened by this. We can and will do better. ”

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