October 25, 2021


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Song Kong-Ho’s ‘One Win’ K-Movie Sets Busan Market Sales Slate

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The worldwide popularity of “Parasite” star Song Kong-ho has turned the sports drama “One Win” into a major calling card for Korean film sales company K-Movie Entertainment. The film is still in post-production, attracting pre-sale interest in the new title launched by the company in the Asian Contents and Film Market in Busan.

“One Won,” sees the song star as a former volleyball player who is now coaching a young women’s team ‘Pink Storm’, the worst in the league with an inevitable record. The team owner repeatedly blocked the coach’s efforts to win by trading the best players.

Directed by Shin Yen-shik and co-directed by Park Jeong-min, Park Myung-hun and Zhang Eun-joo, the film is produced by Luz Y Sonidos and is set to release in 2022. K-Movie will showcase a new promotional version at its ACFM virtual booth.

The addition of the new sale slate “Portrait of a Family” is the life of a celebrity couple (starring top Korean stars Ryu Seung-ryong and Ha Ji-Win) who is instantly upset by the arrival of a daughter. The drama goes on for seven years when the girl was involved in the death of a high school student, making it even harder for the celebrity couple to turn the clock back when they were happy. The film is the second directing attempt by Lee G-Win, who debuted with “Miss Bayek”. Production is complete and delivery is scheduled for 2022.

“Follow” the suspense thriller unveiled in time for Busan. Directed by first-timer Kim Se-hui, the film stars Buen Yoo-han as a real estate agent who pleads guilty to murder when he sees a body in a house that he should not have seen. Produced by Ngene Fiilm, “Follow” is also wrapped up and scheduled for a 2022 trip.

Content Nandakinda presents all three titles.

K-Movie’s previously announced sales slate includes the action-novel “Tomb of the River”, which is set for theatrical release next month, the action-novel “The Wild” and the drama “Long Day” which receive an ACFM market screening.

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