September 22, 2021


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Sound quality is suffering during COVID livestream performance

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When MTV announced the Video Music Awards nominations last week, it added a new category that is appropriate for the time: Best Individual Performance. Those competing for Moonman include Global Citizen’s “One World: Together at Home” concert’s CNCO’s “Unplugged at Home” and Post Malone’s Nirvana Tribute to Lady Gaga starring Sm Most of the nominees have doubled as funds for COVID relief.

The popularity of live streams comes more as a necessity than a choice because the coronavirus epidemic is declining and showing no signs of live concerts, even when applying social distance, has proven to be more problematic than expected. Even the live music trade Polstar has launched a chart to monitor audience size for these online events. And so, huge pop icons and unchanged artists alike are challenging themselves by the limitations of remote live sound, and the results are often less than stellar and sometimes gripping.

Does the ear have something even more powerful that some of the world’s favorite artists perform on laptops that back up with blacking tracks from their phones? Or using their earbuds as monitors? Or flat songs known for intricate arrangements in Tiny Acoustic Guitar versions? Add to this the incredible internet connection that causes audio interruptions or zoom limitations, which in some cases makes the vocals sound confusing, distorted or non-existent, and compels musicians to navigate a minefield of technical sound issues that they don’t have in the conventional space. And in isolation, there is not always an engineer to help them through the problems.

“At a time like this, the audience’s expectation is not to listen to Super Polish, it’s to connect,” says Mike Bradley, a professional sound engineer who works with Norah Jones and other great artists, for outdoor shows at the Red Rocks and Sydney Opera House for sale in the front room. “When I see artists using their phones to stream a performance, I’m not disappointed. I’m just thankful they want to connect. “

Bradley is waiting for the live show to resume among thousands of music professionals, which may not be until the summer of 2021, with some industry veterans reporting that he was fired from the company he worked for and is now trying to finish with a part-time job at a grocery store. Doing.

Clearly there is a missed opportunity to work an important part of the music industry and dramatically improve livestream music performance. But the same reluctance is to keep fans away from places and people outside their nearest family or CVD circle can also apply for composers.

This is one of the reasons why, when a live online performance sounds good, it really becomes different. Hold the 85-minute set of Malone’s VMA-nominated favorite Nirvana song, which aired on YouTube on April 24. All musicians – Brass Lee of Bass, Nick Mack on guitar, and Travis Barker on Blink-182 on drums – benefited from it all – in one place (Utah Post House). And cycling in each playing shots connected by ear to ear for a seamless mix. There wasn’t much to backdrop, admit, watch, but it counts the songs.

There are even less involved digital performances that are examples of maximizing limited situations. The release performance of Hyme’s June album at the Canter’s Daily in Los Angeles comes to mind, as did the intimate strip-down set Billy Ilish and Fineas Stream in April for Verizon’s Pet Forward Live. Similarly, Maria Kerry’s presentation of her hit “Always Be My Baby” for the America Series Eyeheart Living Room Concert in March seemed personal and secure to the professional.

When you consider Kerry’s infamous 2016 New Year’s performance in Times Square – where his voice could not be heard on his ear monitors and refuses to perform badly, he strangely spreads over the music and speaks to the crowd instead – supporting the idea that the word is universal , Especially when you’re an A-list artist. And that’s because notable singers like Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion still have their names – or voices – not a living dream. For some artists, it’s not just worth it to ruin the quality of their brand, which is how beautiful they feel without hands.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for big artists to spend millions of dollars on sound equipment and staff for their tours, so it’s no surprise that some livestreamed concerts have managed very little or no investment.

Multi-artist live streams are likely to continue to vary in size from song to song quality, be it the All Star Global Citizen Show or the invitation of Agent Richard Weitz-just the RW Quarantine Show. Superstar guests may be calling directly against artists-producers who are currently singing on their iPhones who were busy installing top flight equipment in their living rooms or bedrooms. The ongoing series of counter-visits involving the solo artist at Home Studio has raised expectations for headphone-quality audio, from Brandi Carlyle’s full album show to similar jigsaws for Lucius via Vips.

Some of the biggest stars are becoming more creative in how they present themselves in the digital world. Travis Scott’s “Astronomical” April game appeared on Fortnite, with more than 12.3 million contemporary players taking part live next weekend, while Weekend TickTock’s application came to the virtual stage with a special extended-reality live-streamed concert – all for this. On the artists.

Tiktok, created in partnership with XO, Republic Records, and Scooter Brown-backed Virtual Concert Startup Wave, will feature the artist in digital-avatar form to serve music from his hit album “Hours After”. Tic Tac Toe’s first-ever experience, it will employ 3D rendering and image-in-picture video to create immersive livestreams.

For a concert in the living room, many are well-intentioned and bring a charitable element so they are, in all senses, a good thing. But considering they are epidemics and probably staying here to stay out of it, can’t we make these concerts sound better?

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