March 29, 2023


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Spain’s Telson-a-Home-Studio-Standard Dubbing

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As dubbing studios closed on Cobid-19, European broadcasters were forced to pull US shows that they could not dub – “Gray’s Anatomy” with France’s TF1 – or, in the case of global platforms, sometimes publish foreign series with subtitles. However, there is no audio dub.

While the physical scripts have been removed and the screens respect sanitary protocols such as karaoke styling, dubbing studios are cautiously returning to work in Spain, France and Germany.

With a heartfelt start to reopening global industrial audio facilities, both parts of MediaPro Group have come up with long-term answers to the two post-production facilities challenge dubs that make it easier to target coronaviruses, actors and artists during and after post-production. , Multiple technologies for post-production audio And even the creative possibilities open up.

Telson, a 40-year-old Madrid-based VFX and post-production facility and Unitechnic, a broadcaster SI (Systems Integration) and multimedia engineering firm, has been employing the new ADR system for several weeks now, dubbed ADRH (Additional Dialogue) Replacement. Home), which dubs a foreign language series in Spanish for those self-isolation actors Ela-time studio-based supply dubbing sessions.

The system is being used to complete a large-scale Antarctic survival thriller starring “Money Hissts” Professor Alvaro Murthy, the biggest headline made by Telson parents MediaPro and the company’s ambitious banner statement (Watch the trailer).

It hired Adrah, one of the first TMS men to lean towards Spain’s Telecom Orange as part of a multi-title deal – thus claiming a high-tech production level – as well as featuring Daniel Calparsoro’s “Hast El Ciolo,” starring Luis Tosar (“Miami”). Vice “).

Juanzo Garcia, general manager of Telson’s Trace 60, who heads MediaProse’s services division with operations director Nacho, said: “The goal and what we’ve achieved is to put the actor right at home.” “The actor doesn’t touch anything. They just look at the screen and talk into a microphone. “

In any dubbing studio, the actors use a Newman microphone or something of a similar standard, which is sent to them by Telson and Unitechnik, along with a customized laptop computer.

It, like the microphone, is operated remotely by studio technicians. A multi-conference video line allows for a completely simultaneous conversation between the dubbing team, director, supervisor and actor to correct the acting distance from the microphone.

Garcia argued that any actor should record himself on any mic, controlling the level through software sent to him on his own computer, which was then uploaded to the cloud from

Directors, technicians and actors can all interface online from their own homes. To ensure safety, the telecom company of the Telson-Unitechnic MediaPro Group employs SVT security technology operated by Overon. The system can be used with a low bandwidth connection of 20 Mbps, said David Vivas, director and CTO of Unitechnik.

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Nacho m. Del Campo, Juanzo Garcia and David Vivas
MediaPro Studio

He added, “The key to achieving the highest sound quality is that we are using PCM Linear audio with the actor at a sample rate of 24 bytes and 48 kg Hz.”

A study by Ampere Analysis, a large media research firm large enough to justify the cost of audio dubbing for non-Spanish language fiction in one of Europe’s major TV markets, found that 0% of Netflix’s foreign language headlines sank into Spanish European Spanish.

Spanish broadcasters and platforms had to stop dubbing the original drama series, so Telson executives have now begun preliminary discussions with key third-party players in Spain, according to M del Campo.

The introduction of AdraH has, in recent years, revolutionized the complexity of VFX work for Telson by increasing the quality of the required production of top-level Spanish fiction, whether it is to convert the Canary Islands to Antarctica by “The Head”. Por el Juuego, ”he added.

Netflix will soon conduct a dubbing test with its offices in Miami, along with Telson and Unitechnik, recognized in Creative Post Picture and Sound as part of its Post Partner Program, to see if different time zones cause delays, Garcia said.

The dubbing drive comes when Telson pronounced his movie / series post-production, tapping Pereo Gutierrez – whose credits include “Open Your Eyes,” “Marshland” and “Pain and Glory” – as a supervisor. Recent Telson audio credits include MoviesPlus’ “The Plague” Season 2, one of his biggest original series.

“Telson’s post-production services are a reference in the market and the future arrangement of the post-Adraw COVID-19,” Garcia was tempted. This is a long term utility of technology which is especially interesting now. It can be cut in several ways:

* Currently, if I say, Gail Garcia Bernal has promised to play a cameo character in a Mexican film to increase its profile but is shooting a big series in America on Amazon, then he has to go to the nearest dubbing studio available. Now, with AdraAh, all he needs is about 20 Mbps internet connection, which is a huge amount of time for actors.

* Parental obligation, age, illness – whatever the reason for traveling or taking sessions between actors who may not like it, Garcia says a 786-year-old Spanish actor has improved his focus on dubbing his characters. At that age, however, who is reluctant to leave home. “With this new system we will not lose its voice.”

* The system reduces budgets, reducing the big costs of just taking two in the studio.

* Doing so, it also opens up artistic possibilities, helping a wider voice cast worldwide, ts Garcia expects, “If Miami experiments go well, Adrah allows MediaPro’s production houses around the world to do remote dubbing anywhere in the world.

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