October 23, 2021


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Spotify to adapt Chilean podcast thriller ‘Caso 63’ for US market

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Spotify’s psychological thriller podcast “Caso 63”, originally made from Chile, the company says – adaptation to Brazil and India and later US version will come in 2021.

At the pinnacle of success in Spanish-speaking Latin America, “Caso 63” has been converted locally to “Passient 63” in Brazil and “Virus 2062” in India. The series returns for a second season later this year, with an adaptation of the series for the US casting currently underway for the US version.

“Caso 63” marks the first time that a Spotify original podcast has been converted from a non-English-speaking market into multiple languages, including English. An example of how an audio streamer is using its resources to tell a story to a global audience is Courtney William Holt, global head of Spotify podcasts, and Spotify’s new venture.

“The widespread popularity of ‘Caso’ in Chile is proof that Spotify is committed to telling the best class of audio stories,” Holt said.

“Caso 63”, which was set in 2022, centers on psychologist Alyssa Aldunet, who is “patient 63.” Started a series of therapy sessions with. Time, space, and reality begin to unravel as the sessions progress, playing with the minds of the audience during the 10 episodes. “Caso 63” was created and written by Julio Rojas.

Each repetition of the podcast features famous local talents such as Antonia Jaggers (La Jouria) and Nestor Cantilana (Isabel) in “Caso”; Seu Jorge (Marighela, God’s City) and Mel Lisboa (Epanema girls) in Brazil’s “Passenger 63”; And Ali Fazal (Victoria and Abdul) and Richa Chada (Gangs of Wasipur, Masan) on “Virus 2062” in India

Spotify Studio’s Latam team, led by Xavier Pinol, is “a universal story that takes listeners into their own imagination as well as the main character,” Holty said. “Adaptations in both Brazil and India, and soon to be the US, have used local teams and talent to re-imagine the story for new audiences.”

“Caso 63” ranked No. 1 on SpotFi’s top podcast charts for nearly 12 months after its November 12, 2020 premiere in Argentina and Mexico; It was a top-trending podcast in five countries: Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and the United States. “Passionate 63,” the Brazilian adaptation, ranked No. 1 on the country’s local trending podcast charts for two weeks after its July 2021 premiere. It was in the top five on the local trending chart and Spotify’s local top podcast chart.

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