January 31, 2023


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Stacey Abram Georgie, Gucci Mane has joined Vergez to vote in Georgia

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On Thursday night, rapper Jitzi and Gucci were an unexpected guest in the War of the Minds: Stacey Abrams, who ran for governor of Georgia in 2018.

Abram joined a virtually rap fight between two Atlanta artists to encourage viewers to vote in Georgia’s runoff election between Republican Senator David Perdu Kelly Loffler and their Democratic challengers Jon Asoff and Rafael Warnak.

β€œThank you for letting me crash before the fight to end all the wars of the Viz. Thank you for giving me some street credit with my nieces and nephews, ”he said.

“Can you clear my record?” Gucci joked, to which Abram responded, “It’s a job the governor can do, but we’ll have to think about it later. At the moment, we can at least make sure everyone is in favor of voting, so we have Covid’s response.” We have two senators to make sure, and we’ve received incentive money to return to Georgia. “

Georgia is one of two U.S. states, in addition to Louisiana, requiring its political candidates to garner at least 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff election. Voters must return to their ballot or mail by January 5 to determine which candidate will be the winner. With the Senate currently split 50-46 in favor of the Republican Party, the entire country is keeping a close eye on the runoff.

At the end of a count in Georgia, President-elect Joe Biden was determined to win the state by a margin of less than 15,000 votes or a .2% margin above Donald Trump.

Abram has been instrumental in getting votes in his kingdom, and he thanked Gigi and Gucci Mane for their help in spreading the word.

“I just wanted to thank both of you, especially for the work you have done to encourage people who are coming back, citizens who are coming back, to know that they have the right to vote. I got a little brother who was in and out of the system and I know that redemption is real and I know that these men and women can bring voices to our state, “he said.” So thank you for the work you have done. “

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