October 26, 2021


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Starzplay, Pantaya, Fabula, Fremantle re-team ‘The Shelter’

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Global streamer Starzplay and LA-based Spanish-language streaming platform Pantaya UK have merged with production-distribution giant Fremantle and sci-fi ministry “The Shelter” (“El Refugio”).

Starring Alberto Guerra (“La Jouria”) and Anna Claudia Talancan (“Como Cado del Silo”) and directed by Argentine Pablo Fendrick (“El Order”), “The Shelter” ended major photography this week after a 10-week shoot in the village. The area around Santiago de Chile.

In terms of art, “Asylum” is part of a growing axis between sympathetic and complementary players in the United States, Latin America, and the United Kingdom, who have recently been involved in some of the most exciting, relevant, and artistically ambitious Spanish-language plays on screen or in the pipeline. “- where four companies partner – or” express “.

The series has made Fendrik a great TV show since HBO created “Among Men” and “The Bronze Garden” for Latin America.

Like the story, “The Shelter” also pushes the envelope exploring new territories for Spanish production because it combines different genres.

In it, a family experiences strange events in their lives, apparently caused by an alien invasion or a completely unknown force in nature. But it all happens through their screens. When they go out, the summary goes, nothing seems to be happening in the Mexican countryside except for what a bunch of people save for spring.

Parents must protect their children from an invisible enemy who does not even know they exist. “What’s real?” “What happened to the world they knew? Is this farm a haven? Is it the ultimate fortress of humanity? ”

“Creating a 100% Latino science fiction series is a big challenge and the work of Pablo Fendrick and his team is amazing,” said Angela Poblet in Fabula.

“The Shelter”, a six-hour series, is based on a basic concept by Julio Rojas, regular co-author of “Cinematus Matthias Bais” (“The Life of Fish”) and by Rojas, author of the best-selling novel, Francisco Ortega “Lodge. “ And Enrique Videla (“La Jouria”).

The cast of “El Refugio” includes Juria Vega (“En Las Buenas e en Las Malas”), Paloma Ulrich (“La Muchacha que Limpia”), Alfredo Castro (“El Club”), Diego Escalona (“La Suerte de”). Lolita “) and Camilla Valero (” Herideros Por Accident “).

“The Shelter” will premiere in Spanish-speaking Latin America, Brazil and Spain in Starplay, and in the United States and Puerto Rico in Pantayo. Fremantle manages international distribution.

“We are excited to expand the boundaries of the premium Spanish language series with‘ The Shelter ’,” said Mario Almeida, head of Pantier content.

“The main thing though is that ‘The Shelter’ is a love story about families, and how families deal with life-changing events. The series is completely unique,” he added.

“Reuniting with great teams in Fabula, Pantaya and Fremantle for this powerful story strengthens our commitment to co-producing locally made and culturally relevant content,” said Suparna Kalle, president of Sturge’s international network.

Christian Vesper, president of Global Drama for Fremantle, described “The Shelter” as a sophisticated and timely thriller with love and family in its heart.

“Shelter” Executive produced by Juan de Dios Lauren, Pablo Lauren, Poblette and Marian Hartard from Fabula and Vesper.

The co-production contract is for Sheila Aguirre, EVP Content Distribution and Format Sales, Caribbean and Hispanic US, for Fremantle, Paul Presberger and Almeida from Pantaya, and Jeff Cook for Starzpl.

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