March 20, 2023


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‘Stay live from here’ is canceled out of official radio cuts – variety

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American Public Media Group announced Tuesday that “Stay Live with Chris Thail,” a weekly radio show that began as a continuation of “A Prairie Home Companion” before taking his name and identity, has been canceled, American Public Media Group announced Tuesday.

The St. Paul-based company blamed the economic impact of COVID-19 and other cuts that resulted in the dismissal of 28 employees.

Multiple members with the skills of Thaili, Punch Brothers and Nickel Creek, who received “Prairie Home Companion” from Garrison Kyler in 2011ris, tweeted about the end of his four-year run as host.

As Thai writes, a live broadcast didn’t go where I don’t thank my weird lucky stars for your wide open ears and hearts. “I was told over the weekend that the American public media would no longer produce the show. While this news fills me with sadness, I understand the decision as my extraordinary teammate and as a celebration of the live, collaborative melodic art I have come up with the idea of ​​’Live From Yours’ and can’t wait to see when it will happen again. “

Musician-songwriter Jason Isabel says, “Really enjoyed attending the show and Chris Thail is one of the brightest and hardest working musicians on the planet. Hate it

“Live From Here” was produced in a concert setting in various cities across the country, as was the case before Kyler’s show. During quarantine, Thai continued to manage new versions of the show with distant contributions, the last of which he probably did not know, this past weekend, among the music guests were Rufus Weinright and War and Contract. Other recent shows have featured artists from Pixies, including Paul Simon, Wilco, Norah Jones, Common, Aoef O’Donvan, and Big Thief.

Outside of hosting, Thai has always played a huge role in the show, an opening monologue always ends with the topical new “Song of the Week”, and a “Birthday” section in which the house band performed skillfully arranged birthday music. Girls.

The American public media group, which produces shows like “Marketplace” and “The Current,” in a statement addressed the spread and cancellations, citing the impact of their business disease, including damaged corporate grants and underwriting. He said quitting the job was a sad decision. “We are saying goodbye to our talented and dedicated colleagues. We are grateful for their strengths, abilities and the passion they have brought to our organization and we are doing our best to support our departing colleagues in this challenging environment. “

The “World of Despair” podcast hosted by John Moy was also canceled.

When Thaili took over the reign of “Prairie Home” in 2011, the format was somewhat similar, but emphasized music more than skits or monologues. In 2017, it was decided to change the name of the series as former host Kyler was involved in a harassment scandal. All former cast members and musicians were released as soon as Thai’s stamp was completed on the show by 2019, although the sketch joke element has always remained as a reminder of Kyler’s long-term career.

Thail and his fans have other things to look forward to this week instead of a new episode called “Live From Here”. An album he recorded with Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan and Edgar Mayer as part of the quarterback of “Not Our First Goat Rodeo,” was released at Sony Master Works on Friday. The All-Star Quarter’s previous album, 2011’s “Goat Rodeo Sessions”) topped the Classical, Classical Crossover and Bluegrass charts.

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