October 23, 2021


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Stephen King’s ‘Strawberry Spring’ Podcast Fee Music Pu Beer

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When it comes to music, the podcast sector is in the gray area of ​​licensing, with confusion between editorial or educational products (allowing short snippets of songs or scores) and pure commercial entities. But production company Audio Up (home to the pods of Michael Cohen, Rozana Arquette, Machinegun Kelly, Tommy Lee and Anthony Anderson) and Jared Gutstad, an inventor in space, seem to have found a solution to his skills individually: original music.

Bear & Banjo, in collaboration with Jason “Pu Bear” Boyd (the best known hitmaker for his work with Justin Bieber), was his first dive into a song written specifically for a podcast, and now he’s reuniting with Poo Bear for the soundtrack Stephen King’s “Strawberry Spring” “In the production of scripted podcasts of its audio up. Starring Garrett Headlund in the lead role and starring Milo Ventimiglia, Herizen F. Gordiola, Sydney Sweeney, Ken Merino, Al Madridgal and Break Bassinger, “Strawberry Spring” is trending at number 1 on the podcast chart worldwide. And demonstrates the potential that a podcast can pay for original music.

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Under the banner of Yakuza and Beer, Guttstad and Pu Bear have teamed up with Jeff Peters to create a musical instrument to complement the “story for your ears,” which Gutstad, the founder of production house Jingle Punks, used to tell the story. The main song on the “Strawberry Spring” soundtrack was “Daddy Long Legs”, which the two co-composed and produced (listen to it below).

As Gutstadt hears it, the podcast world is moving closer to award-winning composers like Hans Zimmer. After all, Hollywood’s top actors, directors and producers have caught the podcast bug – won’t musicians be the next logical move?

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