September 22, 2021


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Steve Gados of Variety honored by the French Ministry of Culture

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The French Ministry of Culture gave a French toast DiversityOn Thursday, Steven Geddos named him a Chevalier / Knight for his decades of entertainment work.

Julie Duhout-Bedos, Consul General of France in Los Angeles, reminded the crowd that several such awards are given each year, “for those who have distinguished themselves by their creations or contributions to the field of art and literature in France and around the world.”

At the French Residence in Beverly Hills, Duhaut-Bedos stunned the multiple achievements of Guidos, who DiversityExecutive VP of its global content. He praised his “open thinking and advocacy for world cinema, which is approved Diversity Achieved a successful international expansion and became a global reference for reviewing the entertainment industry. Your involvement is key DiversityIts successful international development. We thank you for providing a platform for European voices. ”

He mentioned encouraging events such as his screenplay (often co-written with Monty Hellman in 2010’s “Road to Nowhere”) and his Can and Karlovy Vary Film Festival and Gaelic Shoot the Book program.

The award is officially known as Chevalier Dance L’Orere National des Arts et des Lettres, meaning National Order of Arts and Letters. France began offering this honor in 1957 but its roots extend to the ancient Ordre de Saint-Michel, the French dynasty, which began in the 15th century.

In the acceptance, Gados dedicated the evening to the legendary French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo, who died on 6 September. He added that growing up in the town of Steel-Mill in Fontana, California, did not prepare him for knighthood, so he saluted George Clooney, Tina Turner, William Burroughs, Ang Lee, David Bowie and past recipients for inspiration. Cate Blanchett. Sharing Gados is one of life’s goals. “Increase spirits, common goals and dream celebrations and bring culture together.

Gados also brought together family members, including wife Gina, daughters Rio and Natalia, and brothers Richard and Frank, who were present.

Also in the crowd was Jay-Pensk’s chairman-CEO Diversity Parent PMC, and his wife, Ellen Irwin; Diversity President-Group publisher Michelle Sobrino, writer-producer Renেনে Balser, actor Patrick Bauchau, producer Steve Stabler and Arthur Gorson; Writer-director Norman Gerrard, Native American gaming pro Victor Roach, writers Vera Anderson and Paul Duran and designer Rhea Liverk.

(Photo: Julie Duhout-Bedos and Steven Gados)

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