March 20, 2023


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Steve Kagan, Rob Brydon on a fourth trip – Variety

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Steve Cogan and Rob Brydon, (note they must be going) have been on their culinary road for about 10 years, sitting at an idyllic outdoor table (of course!) In a Mediterranean restaurant. Even for those who have followed them through “Trips,” “Travels to Italy,” “Trips to Spain,” and now “Trips to Greece,” this news may come as a bit of a surprise – what a sign! Time flies fast and how can a subtle and hilarious series of semi-incomplete British jokes of a small size, if they are almost prolonged, what could happen? Which organization? A franchise?

There could be something better. “Trip” movies, for those of us who don’t dream of getting lost (although we know they haven’t cut so fine a night since casual sketches are driven into movies – it’s part of their raw wrist)) Friends, like Richard Linklater’s “Before” movies. Each is a paired-down version of a six-episode British TV series, and when you decide to watch a new one, which famous actor in disguise is Kogan and Brydon trying to get on top of each other this time around? (And they’re eating a delicious three-course lunch with a decent meal) But the two of them should also check out: to see how their mutual middle life crisis is going and to watch the latest episode of their muttering high-flying showbiz-friendly romance. Take prasad out of each other, and do it with fun accuracy of verbal gladiators. They are the only way to show his own feelings.

I felt, for the first time, that the price of gas in the “Travel to Spain” series was going down a bit. It was still a 90-minute drill, but the camouflage started to look like golden old kids (they didn’t have that comic shock) and the whole Kogan-and-Bryden-ad-Don-Quisot-and-Sancho-Panja routine gave it More than promise. In this light, the “trip to Greece” marks an enthusiastic and confident return, even if Quigan and Bryden’s six-day journey through Greece was enough to represent Odysseus’ path. (Both men are on their journey through life, remember, remember.)

The two are now in their mid-fifties, and at one point they discussed how Cugan is growing older with his silver hair (Brydon, after playing with Cougan’s pride compared to Richard Gerry of Cogan, declared, “I say this: you more Looking Older You were irresistible as a young man)) Then they starred in “Stan and Oli,” the 2018 Laurel and Hardy biopic Laurel koganera acting as a child was considering, at the same time praising the brides and arranged to insult. This leads Stan Laurel and Tom Hardy to their influence (of course!), Which is even more glamorous than the hustle and bustle, as they have already given Hardy a full rehearsal on a “trip to Italy”.

After a few scenes, though, they disguised as conflict – no, no Study – Dustin Hoffman’s, mostly “Marathon Man” and “Tutsite” and what they do with his voice is the equivalent of a screaming-roaring funny deconstruction of the actor that it landed right in Pakino with two great riffs. Kogan, in particular, nails Hoffman’s ultra-nervous-of-stroboscopic glittering petulant music. A comic gift in the guise of an excitement – it needs no justification. Still attitude, drilling down Dark, That Kogan and Bryden imitate their competitive voices puts it somewhere between poetry and Freud. They are actor-comedians who can jokingly express themselves with any personal thought and they never overdo themselves when it comes to channeling someone else.

They’re also pitting the omnivorous: Kogan, a star with his self-deprecating humorous smile, who doesn’t want to be like himself, and never Broadon, who tweets Kogan’s stupidity and knows it, the only one who can secretly identify it. Kogan and Brydon themselves playing heavy versions are part of the stigmatized joy of these films, which contain the underlying plating of life. (Their personalities are literally a performance, and part of the joke: who doesn’t?) In “Trip to Greece” even after the initial anxiety subsided (Brydon called home in London wondering where his wife had gone? With the theater; Kogan found out that his Dad gets sick), these two never let their playwright down.

The movie continues the treats, and I don’t mean just the food (lamb with mint sauce! Oysters smoked with pine needles!), While the two of them are going to turn Ray Winston into a full-fledged Cockney Gangster mode, as Henry VIII. Kogan disguised Mick Jagger in the hospital after his heart surgery (he did Mick before, but it remains a lovely dispatch – Winsome, Pouty, no air conditioning), and this time Brydon accompanied Keith to Richards Jr. Speech is violent and laughter is death-embarrassment e They sing pop songs in the car again: Brydon “Greece” (because they Secretin is) and B jidera “tragedy” (because they are in Greece – and the reason seems to be that he has appointed Barry gibake)). And when it comes to competing between the two to see who can do better to imitate Demis Rousseau’s Falsetto “forever and ever.” castrata, “Says Steve), you may have an intestinal obstruction.

At the heart of each of their disguises is the film’s real theme: the desire to entertain each other by putting each other on top – that is, the arrogant ping-pong between the two guides who have chosen different paths, but who would dare to admit that there are so many similarities. “What would you say is the thing you’re most proud of?” Asking Brydon without any push, Kogan says, “I have seven BFTAs.” Brydon: “For me, it will be my kids.” Kogan: “Yeah, well,” because you didn’t get any BFTA. “Brydon:” Although you There is Got the baby, which is interesting. There is no winner in this conflict, just different forms of impossibility of everything.

Kogan and Brydon, along with the series’ director Michael Winterbottom, suggest that a “trip to Greece” could be the last trip for the duo. But as much as I don’t see them following the same fun-ugly pace in a more comfortable corner of Europe, I still wonder how about the early “trip to Japan” so long before the series ends? Or, as a great ending, a “trip to Hollywood”? The time has come to take the “Trip” films out of their comfort zone and give them a new world to dare to imitate.

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