October 23, 2021


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Steve McQueen remembers Michael K. Williams in ’12 Years at Slave ‘

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Steve McQueen, British filmmaker, whose latest project is the documentary series “Rebellion” after the choreography series “Small X” Diversity He remembers the memories of Michael K. Williams who died in September.

“Oh, my God, Michael,” McQueen said. “I remember we were shooting again, so we were very tired and we were shooting for a long time. Michael came on set, and he picked up Everyone. Because you’re shooting and tired and things are going backwards, but when Michael came on set, he was so focused, so focused that he gave everyone energy. I’m not just saying that because he just passed. I’ll remember it. His focus – we had to get His Values ​​such as, ‘Let’s stop lying around. Let’s bring it again! ‘He got everyone’s attention and attention. ”

I remember he had a friend [on set], And he was smoking in the eclipse. His friend would light a cigarette for him, and he would kill a scene, just kill it, ”McQueen added. “About Michael: [in] With each acceptance, he gave everything. He never gave up. Impossible-believable. Incredible. That scene when the three of them [Robert, Solomon Northup and Clemens Ray] They are talking about rebellion, if he had not been there the scene would not have been. He hadn’t been in the film for so long, but he left a huge impression.

“I’m just sorry I didn’t get a chance to work with him again, to be honest with you. He was amazing. Incredible. ”

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