October 16, 2021


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Strike approval vote by calling IATSE

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The IATSE called for a vote of approval of the strike on Monday, after the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers Union refused to respond to the latest deal proposal.

Locals on Union’s 1st West Coast have been negotiating a new three-year deal for months. The union intends to address the long term, among the provisions of the agreement that would include further rest breaks and longer “shifts” between production days.

“Today, AMPTP informed IATSE that they did not want to respond to our comprehensive package proposal presented to them a week ago,” the union members said. “This failure to continue negotiations can only be explained in one way. They will not only address the core issues we have repeatedly supported from the beginning. As a result, we will now move forward with a nationwide strike approval vote to demonstrate our commitment to achieving long-term change in the industry. ”

The vote, assuming it is passed, will strengthen the hand of union negotiators, who are seeking concessions on issues including pensions and health care funding.

The union expects members to send an e-mail on October 1 asking them to vote electronically. Voting results will be announced in October. That deadline allowed the union to educate its members about voting.

For each of the 1 locals, the union 5% voting member must vote “yes” so that the union representatives can support the approval. The vote must be approved by a majority of all local representatives.

The 13 locals represent 60,000 members, including grips, hair and makeup stylists, camera operators, editors and many other entertainment craftsmen.

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