October 23, 2021


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Creative Studio Stardy. Shawn Mendes has teamed up with manager Andrew Gertler to launch STURDY.exchange, a new NFT marketplace for artists, Diversity May express exclusively. Following a beta launch last week that sold over 5,000 pieces in the art project of Somehoodlam (Drake, 21 Savage), STURDY.exchange is now live with a collection of original music, film and photography, the band Death from Abo, artist Frankie Aguilar. And photographer / filmmaker Misha Vladimirski.

Each NFT comes with automatic reminders, appointments and greetings and potential access to live performances. New NFT drops will go live each week with an upcoming collaboration with Jamaican-born / Canadian-based hip-hop producers Boi-1Da and Bacardi.

As previously reported, SomeHoodlam has designed the characters for the new Amazon adult animated comedy “Fairfax”, which will premiere October 29. After a four-year hiatus without new music, Death from Above will hit the streets in Philadelphia from March 5 in support. Her 2021 album “Is 4 Lovers.”

Study. Mendes, Travis Scott, Drake and Kendrick Lamar are known for their tour design work, and its merchant and artwork for acting like Olivia Rodrigo and Rosalia. “We have started the study. With the goal of empowering artists three years ago, “says Stardy, co-founder Tyler Henry, who is a managing partner at Range Media Partners.” STURDY.exchange was our next chapter in that mission. “

“The Study. The team has been working creatively for over five years with some of the top names in music and they understand the existing pain points of artists and music expression,” Gartler told Variety. Stealth mode was great to watch and just the beginning of this new artist and fan-centric collectible platform. ”

STURDY.exchange was created on the Flow platform, which the company says uses less than 1,000,000 times less energy than its blockchain technology to reduce its environmental impact. STURDY.exchange recently secured $ 4.3 million from Series A seed funding through the participation of Gertler, Appworks, Dapper Labs and Coinbase Ventures.

Gartler added: “I’m a huge fan of what Dapper Labs has created with the Flow blockchain ecosystem and the NBA Top Shot, and what they’ve done to create more amazing consumer-friendly products in the flow.”

Remaining a red-hot product in the NFT music space, Lil Nass X recently announced its participation in Tic Tac Toe’s first officially minted NFT collection, and Kings of Leon’s NFT album “NFT YOURSELF” has raised more than 2 million, including more than $ 600,000. Which has directly benefited the Live Nation Crew Nation Fund for traveling crews, according to the creative agency Night After Night. will.i.am also recently joined Jeffrey Katzenberg in a group of investors to finance the new NFT startup platform St.

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