March 29, 2023


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Suburban Los Angeles studios ready to increase post-virus production – variety

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L.A. In the suburbs of Santa Clarita, just north of it, construction is under way at the center of the Needham Ranch, which entertainment companies have already seen.

“For the past week or so, we’ve been getting calls and texts from production companies, location scouts and studios,” said Craig Peters, CBRE’s executive VP. The producer is considering a resumption as a lease agent at Needham Ranch, but is slowly relocating to a Expect large space crutches.

The show was on break, but the new series will also require stages, “and so there was a problem before your TMZ had virtually zero vacancy,” he said, referring to the 30-mile area, the radius used by Union Film Projects for daily rates and driving distances for crew members. Determines.

TMZ is important to Santa Calarita Valley, which has seen its soundstage count rise from about 24 stages to 40-plus in the last few years.

“I think the entertainment industry has the best chance of recovering V-shape because we’ve got production back and a lot of our people are begging for something new,” Peters said.

He emphasizes the attraction of the building that is ready to move-in. “Many of you are looking for a place. The key for all of them is to look for buildings with a certificate of occupancy, which means a production shingle can now move now.

“So there are projects like the Needham Ranch center. We have two buildings ready with offices so I suspect we’ll see some demand for those recreations” buildings will take up residence in the buildings.

Dylan Lewis, owner of Blue Cloud Movie Ratch in Santa Clara, said his facilities had been booked for a year before the lockdown, but some calls from producers began to arrive.

But he is now taking the time to do big maintenance projects, create new ones, and plan bigger things.

“We’re planning a new phase,” Lewis said. “It’s better to be a large-scale space” because when the new protection protocol is in place, it has space to expand, multiple ways in and out of the wrench, and hundreds and hundreds of acres in the Blue Cloud.

“I am planning a new set. I’ve owned the place for five years and we’ve extended it for five years, “he said.” He’s building a “any city” set. “Now it’s much more understandable for me to take some action than before.”

Due to coronavirus protection concerns, “many productions are being asked to remain in the L.A. This will affect the repatriation of productions to the L.A.”
And as production resumes, unions, producers, location managers and other stakeholders are safe.
Set protocol. Lewis cited a few people’s set-ups, face masks, and other guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus. “I could install touchless sync,” he says.

Despite the lockdown, “our staff was steady and then discovered how to get people to a safe distance. We use masks, gloves and best-practice guidelines.”

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