March 29, 2023


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Summer Forecast Spotify Songs – Variety

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Clearly, the summer of 2020 is no ordinary season, and Spotify’s predictions for summer reflect this. Harry Styles claims to have songs like “Rockstar” (celebrity. Roddy Rich), Megan Thi Stallion’s “Savage” (celebrity. Beyoncসি), “TKN” and Harry Styles “Watermelon Sugar” in 2019, but continues to flow in large numbers.

But many songs have focused on supporting the black community – some that have been dropped in the last few days, such as Beyonc “‘s “Black Parade”, her “I Can’t Breathe” and Lil Baby’s “The Big Picture” and some that have been around for years or years. Older, such as the pillow Gambino’s “This is America” ​​and the central lamer’s “Elite”.

In a specific order, Spotify has a list of predictions for Summer 2020 songs, which you can now stream in this playlist:

“Rockstar”, fame by B claim. Roddy is rich
“Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles
“T KN” by Osal Rosalia, celebrity. Travis Scott
“Big picture” written by Lil Baby
Gan “Savage Remix” by Megan Thi Stallion, celebrity. Beyoncé
Lady Gaga’s composition “Rain on Me” featured Ariana Grande
Urt “Stannin” “Curtis Waters, Harm Franklin
Y Beyoncস্ক’s “Black Parkade” 6
“Eo Pererio Sola” by Bad Bad Bani
“Party Girl” by Stay Staisolidorki
“Are you still upset?” By Wallos, achievement. Cairo
“Do It” by Lo Chloe X Hall
End “OK” by Kentric Lama
Young Young T. and Bugsy’s “Don’t Run”, celebrity. Heidi One
“Can I call you tonight?” By Deglo
F “Aily (I love you baby)” writes Surf Messer’s Credit. Emilee
I H.E.R. By “I can’t breathe”
Child “It’s America” ​​is written by boy Gambino
“Chasin ‘You” by Mor Morgan Wallen
Anuel AA, Bad Bani “Hast Kui Dios Diga”
Rum, “Waiting” by celebrity. Jamila Woods
Top topic by “Breaking Me”, A7S
Oe Joe Wedge’s “Control”
Ous Sleepy Hello, Fushi’s “Deep and Freestyle” 6
Gun multiplies “my head dolls” featured Young Thug

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