March 21, 2023


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Summer Walker, Ross WRLD, ‘F— 2020’ in Best Songs of the Week – Variety

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The number of songs inspired by the epidemic is growing, along with the epidemic-inspired snowfall of new songs being dropped every week. Initially they were mostly with loneliness or hopeful optimism and most of them still have, but huge props Avenue bit To say “F2020”:

On December 31, I grabbed a beer
Throwing it, he said, “2020 is my year, Beaches.”
And I honestly thought it was true
Until I gave this mom a month or two …
Yes, my cat died and the worldwide epidemic took my life
And I’ve released some music that no one likes
So, at the same time I am very sorry and upset
And that’s why I like it
Loki from 2020 …

Illinois all-female trio – Sam, Sami and Savannah! – At first the song dropped the ticket but this week it was officially released. If you don’t already know this, what are you waiting for?

Ross WRLD “Conversation” In a less encouraging optimistic tone we like to hear a lot of songs based on listening to Juice WRLD’s next posthumous second album “Legends Never Die” that it’s hard to choose one, but we’ll go with the opening “conversation,” only if its opening lines are unintentional. Timely: “I can’t breathe …”

Summer Walker “SWVV” Poor Summer Walker – the fast-growing R&B singer, whose great acting debut in 2019, “Over It”, appeared on many top-lists and made her a strong Grammy contender, dropping a new EP last night, just to have someone President Trump’s team this week’s Happy 5 Favs, like a tweet about the “Stripper Webb” of two songs, including “SWV,” further blows up Oaker’s Classic-R & BT, further blowing up the 90’s Soul Act. Past history has shown that Trump himself liked this type of tweet – this is usually the worker – who liked the tweet, @Astriluka, thundered on Twitter, “The Donald Trump is my favorite F ing tweet,” and the tweet was disliked then – but probably Someone focused on the obscene song of guest musician No1 Noah. After all, it’s one of the most popular songs of the week …

James Blake “Are You Really?” The innovative British-born singer-songwriter returns from a long absence from official release – he did a solo tour last autumn and recently played a virtual concert and he’s always posting more experimental material – with a new song “Are You Really”? Many nowadays see the world as a surreal reflection. (We guess he’s saving a killer new song called “What You Say” on his solo tour last fall))

Dominic Fike “Politics and Violence” The 24-year-old Florida native did not start his career the fastest – after the release of an EP of Demos in 2017, he became the subject of a multi-million dollar bid war and signed with Colombia while under house arrest for Battery as a police officer and then for that house arrest violation. Went to jail – but he came back and with great self-awareness and communalism announced his debut album titled, “What Could Be Wrong?” It will be published at the end of the month. We actually like the song more than the rap that ends with the song, but see what you do.

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