February 2, 2023


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Sundance: ‘Flora and Son’ with Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sales

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John Carney’s “Flora and Son” has been sold to Apple Original Films after its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend.

The sale closed at $20 million, a source familiar with the film said diversity. Another insider disputed this and said the figure only reached $20 million. “Sing Street” follows the filmmakers’ big-ticket deal with “Fair Play,” a psychosexual drama that went to Netflix for $20 million.

The film is a big-hearted look at Flora, a struggling single mother (Eve Hewson of “Bad Sisters”) who finds a way to connect with her troubled teenage son (Oren Kinlan, making his big screen debut) through a shared love. of music. Instead, Flora forms a bond with her guitar teacher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), even though he lives in Dublin and she lives in Los Angeles. Jack Raynor plays her self-absorbed ex-husband. Carney is a master of these music-infused movies, having previously scored the likes of “Sing Street” and “Once.” “Flora and Son” is also seen as a more commercial offering at a festival where some studio executives have complained that there are too many creatively saturated movies that are a tough sell.

The film’s uplifting story resonated with the Sundance crowd and critics. IndieWire’s Kate Erbland wrote that “Carney has never been one to churn out expected endings, but where he took “Flora and Son” might be his most satisfying conclusion yet, and it took a bit of a circuitous path to get there. , that’s what. Isn’t life a problem? At least it ends on a very high note.”

“Flora & Son” Fifth Season, WME and Film Nation are repped.

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