March 29, 2023


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Suzy Templeton’s “Spitzbergen”, “Back to the Knicks” – various sets

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The Oscar-winning tune will feature both Paris-based Arthur outfit Autur de Minuit, producer of the short “Logoramama”, “Spitsbergen” and the medium-length “Return to the Knicks”, both directed by Academy Award-winning Suzy Templeton. And for Annecy Crystal “Peter and the Wolf”). “Spitsbergen” is currently in development, marking the debut of the much-awaited feature of Templeton.

The news came when Ancy Outreau de Minute-produced the short “Homeless Home,” after a special jury award from Spain’s Alberto Vazquez (“Birdboy: The Forgotten Child”), a mix of fantasy-style casual B and WW, casual, modern, Dialogue and blood is a horror of lust and cruelty.

Yesterday, the second Autor d Minute brief, Jeffrey de Creek’s “Empty Space” – a mesmerizing portrait of a world where hemdrum machines continue to operate, though people have disappeared – in partnership with the Festival Concussion Organ-Ronne-Alpes Prize-winning Lumieres Kমারmeritz and Including awards.

“Spitsbergen” Two children live together in an unused factory in England in the 1970s. When the elder realizes that he can’t give the younger one what he really needs – a proper family – he leaves her. Alone and frightened, he embarked on a decade-long search to find him that took him across continents and into youth.

“Spitsbergen” will be a stop-motion film with hydrid techniques. Stop-motion brings a unique force and intensity to the screen, “said Templeton. DiversityAdds: “To support the magical reality of the story, the film will be based on textural realism, but in some episodes I will explore a kind of dreamy, mundane, fragile aesthetic.”

There will also be a spin-off of the stop-motion, 2-minute “Go Back to the Knicks” Rosto music “Monster of the Knicks”. Co-produced by Richard Valk of Amsterdam, this lonely 9-year-old girl hears about a fountain in the magical village of Knicks that can bring you back to the happiest moment of your life Centers Dissatisfied, he travels there – only to discover that the fountain has dried up.

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Come back to Nix
Credit: Atur de Minute

Auto de Minuits’ Stop Motion product credits Stephen Abier and Vincent Potter’s “A Town Call Panic” and Carla Pereira and Juanfran Jacinto’s “Transformation”.

Nicholas Schmarchin, head of Auto de Minute, said he always loved Templeton’s work and for more than 15 years, Templeton’s late husband Rosto (“Lonely Bone,” “The The Knicks”) produced and distributed shorts that died. In 2019. Schmerchin worked with his friend Rosto for more than 15 years. Rosto is developing “Spitzbergen” and “Go Back to the Knicks” at the time of his death.

“We’re really interested in the idea that part of Rosto’s work can only survive through talent,” Shamarchin said, adding that he was looking for co-produced partners in the Netherlands and possibly Belgium.

Templeton praised Autor du Minuit’s “dynamic, positive and abundantly supportive environment where the integrity of uncompromising, self-seeking creativity is respected and nurtured, which is a very good reason for me to make films.”

Atur de Minuit took a rough lineup with two TV movies and six shorts at Ency, the event had three headlines: “Homeless Home”, “Empty Space” and Alexander Sikira’s “Purple Boy”.

The French company recently began pre-production in a single follow-up to “Unicorn Wars” Alberto Vazquez for the “Birdboy: Forgotten Children” feature, which sold fourteen. The feature is co-produced by Otto de Minuite’s new Angulime Studios, Spain’s Abano and Unico and France’s Schumacher.

Autor de Minuit made animated shorts until 2012, when it began to feature in TV series such as “Babioles”, “A Town Call Panic,” “No-No,” “Jean-Michel Super Caribou” and could develop features like this. “Birdboy” as Vázquez). It began publishing books and DVDs.

The goal of Autor de Minute is to “create visible core universes for adults and family audiences, including social content, feeding the brain with common non-PCCs. Projects that sometimes border-play and accompany. [give] A definite vision of the world.

In addition to the Canadian microscope, Autor de Minuit is also developing an animated feature for family audiences, co-penned the script for Oscar-nominated “Madame Tutley” by Chris Lavis, a soundtrack director with Canadian Patrick Watson. -Putli “).

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Midnight King
Credit: Atur de min

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