October 28, 2021


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Sweetie signs with Brandon Creed of Full Stop Management

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Sweetie signed with Full Stop Management, Diversity Learned. The Bay Area paparazzi will be represented by Brandon Creed, joining a roster that includes Lizo, Charlie XXX, Troy Sivan, Orville Peck and Mark Ronson.

The Full Stop was founded by Irving and Jeffrey Azaf and merged with The Creed Co. of Creed in 2017. The company is home to more than 40 management clients, including Harry Styles, John Mayer, The Gulls, John Bon Jovi and Nguyen Stephanie.

Sweetie was previously represented by her uncle Louis Burrell, who would stay for some time before Max Gauss, who managed the rapper’s paparazzi while the breakout track “My Type” went up on the rhythmic charts in AirPlay. Sweetie has been logging many more hit songs since then, including Doza Cat with “Tap In” and “Best Friend”. He signed for Warner Records.

The 28-year-old rapper also launched her own jewelry line, created a clothing collection with PrettyLoththing and partnered with Morph this year on a makeup line. Most notably, he made his own sweetie meal at McDonald’s in August, keeping him with other major music players like BTS, Jay Balvin and Travis Scott.

Sweetie has so far released four singles from her much-anticipated debut album “Pretty Beach Music”, the most recent being “Fast (Motion)”. The release date of the project has not been fixed.

In an interview with Diversity In December, Sweetie discussed her stage personality. “I think my artist personality is my superhero version. And by superhero I mean a superhero who travels the world, acts, entertains and takes care of people, ”Sweety said. “I’m all about empowerment, I’m always having a good time and I’m just like myself, unexpectedly.”

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