October 20, 2021


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Tabaklera is proud of its outstanding talent in all its categories

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This year’s young outstanding talent crop has been nurtured in various areas of Tabakal, including the postgraduate film school Elias Quirezeta Jean Escola (EQZE) and the Ikusmira Bariak Residency Program.

Marina Palacio (San Sebastian)

San Sebastian Native is a Bachelor of Fine Arts whose short film “Ya No Durmo” was produced at the Elias Quirezeta Jean Escola and premiered in the Jabaltegi Tabakalera section of Ginmaldia. It has participated in more than thirty international festivals, where it has won several awards, including the ‘Best Fiction Short’ at the Malaga Film Festival. He is currently shooting for his first feature film: a docu-fiction hybrid drama, “Y así seguirán las cosas”.

Mikel Guria (San Sebastian)

Guria holds degrees from Pompeo Fabra University in Barcelona and the London Film School. His latest short, “Heltezier”, had its world premiere at the Arizona sidebars of the Venice Film Festival, and later in the Sebastian Jabaltegi-Tabakalera section. He posted his first feature “Cork” (“Tune”), which he created at the Ikusmira Bariak 2016 Residency in San Sebastian, Source 2 and Sam Spiegel Film Lab. She is a collaborator on the Cinema en Curs project and the EQZE Film School.

Elena Lopez Riera (Madrid)

Lopez Riera, a Spanish visual artist and filmmaker, holds a PhD in audiovisual communication and teaches cinema and comparative literature at the University of Geneva. His first short film, “Pueblo”, premiered at the 2015 Cannes Directors Fortnight. His 201 film “Las Vesseras” was selected for the Locarno Film Festival and won the Mikeldi Silver Award at the Geneva Film Festival. His most recent short, “Los Cue Desian” won the Pardino D’Oro at the 2019 Locarno Film Festival, and his “Water” feature won the Top Icusmira Bariak Award in 2018.

Samuel M. Delgado (Canary Islands) and Helena Giron (Galicia)

Their feature debut “The Carry Death” (“Else Transportan a Morte”), which was developed at the Ikusmira Bariak Residency in 2017, became the world premiere at the Critics Week Sidebar at the Venice Festival and the San Sebastian Jabaltegi-Tabakalera division. Delgado co-wrote Theo Court’s “Blanco en Blanco”, which won the Best Director and Fipresi Award in the Horizons category in Venice in 2019.

Diego Cespedes (Chile)

Cespedes, who is of Chilean descent and studied film and television at the University of Chile, won the top prize at the Cannes Cinefodation residence, Nest San Sebastian, with his short “The Summer of the Electric Lion”. Sundance, Palm Springs and other major festivals led by Havana. Her first feature, “The Mysterious Look of Flamenco,” was selected by Synfondation Accommodation, Ikusmira Bariak Accommodation, Torinofilmlab Laboratory, and Sundance Directors Lab. It has won awards for production by TorinoFilmLab, Ibermedia and Cinéma Du Monde.

Jessica Sarah Rhineland (Argentina-UK)

Rinland’s award-winning works have been screened and exhibited worldwide, ranging from film festivals in Locarno, Venice and Toronto to National Galleries in Singapore and Taipei. His film “Collective Monologue” was selected for Ikusmira Bariak in 2020, later supported by the Hubert Balls Fund. He currently teaches at the Elias Carrezeta Zine Escola. Past residences include Harvard University’s Center for Film Studies, Somerset House Studios, Flaherty Seminar Fellow, McDowell and Ikusmira Bariak.

Manuel Abramovich (Argentina)

The Buenos Aires-born filmmaker, artist and DOP explores the daily lives of ordinary people in his films that are screened at top-level festivals and venues. Her first short “The Queen” has won more than 50 international awards, while her most recent “Blue Boy” won the Silver Bear in the Shorts competition at the 2019 Berlinale. Her feature “Soldier” participated in the 2017 San Sebastian and her latest feature, “Pornomelancolia” is in WIP Latam. He is also developing two new projects called “Cowboy Gain” and “Pain”.

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