March 20, 2023


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Talent of International Film Crew to Open Iceland Borders, 15 June Talent – Diversity

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With several coronavirus cases and plans to reintroduce local filming, Iceland is seeking to ease restrictions on international arrivals, including foreign film workers, from 15 June.

As the Schengen border closes, Iceland, like other European countries, is pushing for a two-week separation for international (non-European) travelers. However, from 15 June, Iceland will offer travelers the option of testing on arrival to avoid a 14-day separation period.

“This applies to international production crews, filmmakers and talents and will allow them to come and go in Iceland,” said Laufay Guzansdatier, head of the Icelandic Film Center.

One of the most popular traces of high-profile film shoots, Iceland is producing the next installment of the “Fantastic Beast” franchise, among others, although shooting has been delayed due to the epidemic, according to an industry source.

“Iceland’s large-scale testing, tracing and segregation strategy has so far proved effective … We want to build that experience of creating a safe place for all of us who want a change of scenery after a difficult spring,” said Tourism, Industry and Innovation Minister Thordis Colebrun. Reikfjord Gailfadota says.

“In just three cases of the virus in May, the country is ready to reopen our doors carefully,” said Iceland’s foreign minister, Goulogue Arasen.

“We as a country are hopeful that we can successfully begin our journey towards normalcy,” added Ayerson.

Shooting for his eight-part supernatural volcanic drama “Catla” has already begun for Netflix in a 45,200-square-foot studio with “Everest” filmmaker Baltasar Kormakur Rekzabik.

Also currently filming is “Black Port”, a series set in a small Icelandic fishing village in the 1980s and based on true events, directed by Gasli Aran Gararson with Bijan Helenur Haraldson. “The main two actors in the series are husband and wife (while some couples are performing on the show), they can do scenes without the mandatory two meters,” Guzanzditter said.

He said the country had recently lifted the lockdown but was still banning gatherings of more than 50 people and imposed a two-meter distance between people on the set as well as in the country’s movie theaters, which was allowed to reopen earlier this month. “The question is how long will they keep this hat … (our authorities) will assess the situation every three weeks,” Guzansttier said.

Iceland will host several episodes this summer, including three seasons, including Karmakur’s hit series “Trapped” and Guammund’s Arner Guamundson’s drama “Chicken Boy”.

Kormakur, the first entrepreneur to start filming in the middle of Iceland’s lockdown, said he and Netflix have come up with a sanitary system that will probably inspire other film crews around the world. In addition to checking everyone on the cast and crew, checking the temperature every morning and maintaining a distance of two meters, Kormakur created a color-coded system to limit the number of crew members in each region to 20 for the four main locations at the studio.

“Lots of people and guilds are talking to us,” Karmakur said. “From our other filmmakers, producers, studios to talent companies like Endeavor, who are interested in learning more about the system we’ve set up, and we’re happy to help in any way we can.”

The filmmaker said he was also able to shoot “Katla” during the epidemic because his studio is in a secluded location, although easing travel bans would be an important step in allowing cast and crew to travel outside the country. “The wheels are turning again.”

Karmakur said he has several high-profile American projects in the pipeline, including adaptations of “Arthur the King,” the 2017 novel “Arthur: The Dog Who the Jungle to Find the Home,” starring Mark Wahlberg.

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