October 20, 2021


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Tamanna Bhatia talks about streaming, ‘Bahubali’, ‘Master Chef’

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It is a rare thing that Indian star Tamannah Bhatia has projects across her global streamers Disney Plus Hotstar, Netflix and Amazon. On top of that, he drew top box office in Telugu and Tamil language film industry.

Bhatia played the role of a warrior princess in SS Rajamouli’s “Bahubali”. They were released in 2015 and 2017 and collected 30 330 million, making them one of the highest grossing Indian films of all time. The films toured extensively, including the Busan Film Festival, where both episodes were screened to the admiration of the audience.

The “Bahubali” films came at a time when Bhatia appeared in several Hindi language films in his language which was “disappointing as an experience”.

“It was amazing to see such a unanimous appeal for a film – I never imagined it was ever possible. So much so that I still hear the same applause,” Bhatia said. Diversity. “And now six, seven years have passed and it’s weird, how a film can have this kind of impact. I think we sometimes underestimate the power of cinema. When done well, it can really have a huge impact on people.

After influencing films ranging from college romance “Happy Days” (2007) to “Intuchables” remakes “Opiri” (2016) and “F2” (2019) comedy franchises, Bhatia is now a successful presence across the streaming platform.

The crime thriller streaming series, “The 11th Hour” in Telugu, Aha, and the “November Story” in Tamil, bowed for Disney Plus Hotstar in April and May, respectively. In September, the “Blindfold” remake of “Maestro”, a thriller, skipped a theatrical release and had a live-to-streaming premiere at Disney Plus Hotstar, while the sports drama “Seatimer” was a success in cinemas.

Bhatia said, “All these projects of mine, which were a lot of lockdown kids, they all did really well, and for me, it means a lot because at this point, even just a release is really hard.” “My main purpose with all the work I am doing right now is not to stick to certain things. I like to explore different types of projects. ”

To that end, Bhatia has Netflix film, bizarre romance “Plan A Plan B” and Amazon Prime video slice of life friendship drama “Year Dude”.

Busy star Gemini is also hosting her TV debut for Master-Chef India-Telugu on TV and Sun NXT and has published a book “Back to the Roots: Celebrating Indian Wisdom and Wellness”, co-authored by Luke Coutinho.

“When the idea of ​​a masterchef came to me, I was, it seems to be the most organic thing – because throughout the book, it’s basically about food and how you can use food, which is actually what you become,” Bhatia said.

With high profile exposure across the platform, the actor is now ready for his next move. “Going forward, I want to do something in the West,” Bhatia said. “The lines are getting blurred, people are more concerned with inclusive storytelling, because in the end, you’re still trying to show that we’re all human and the more inclusion we get in terms of content, the more enjoyment. So I find myself doing a lot more internationally in the future. I’m watching. “

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