March 29, 2023


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Taylor Swift calls for June to be a national holiday – diversity

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In a message posted on her Instagram and Twitter, Taylor Swift revealed why she believes Junest should have a national holiday and announced that she has given her staff a holiday.

In addition to giving long captions, Swift re-posted a video created by media company The Root that explains the history of the June decade and why everyone should observe it.

“150 years have passed since the first June. Isn’t it time that June turned into a national holiday? “Ask the video.” June is not just a day for freedom, it is a struggle of our forefathers, their determination and the consideration that one day their children, their children, their children will be free. “

Swift explained the video in more detail in her caption, noting that she gave her employees a holiday so they could celebrate the holiday.

“Personally, I have decided to contribute to the Independence Day celebrations of all my employees from now on and continue to educate myself about the history we bring to the present moment,” Swift wrote.

Switch also shared how he and his family have been actively educating themselves to become better allies of the Bluff community.

“For my family, everything that has recently moved allows us to reflect, listen and reprogram any part of our lives that has not been loudly and violently anti-apartheid, and never let the opportunity remain idle to stand up for what it is,” Swift wrote. .

See the full post below.

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