March 25, 2023


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Teenagers take home invaders – different

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Thirty may be a petulant age, but there’s no hell as angry as the teenage heroine of “Becky,” who has had the good fortune to face a group of fugitive cons – although this is certainly a bad outcome for them, as it turns out. Directed by Carrie Mourinho and Jonathan Millett, this indie thriller is a weak, mediocre, hilarious joke that will appeal to fans of the genre with a taste for the harsh genre, offering a fairly brutal move to the edge of black comedy. It may have less appeal to fans of comedian Kevin James, who is far from “Paul Ballart: Mall Cop” as the “sad main villain” here. Selected for Tribeca this year, the feature is going straight to June 5th digital and on demand (more available theater venues) instead.

Lulu Wilson’s titular teenager still mourns her certain way of life, most of which means living a very ordinary life, but especially to her father Jeff (Joel McHale), just because she provided a goal. By When he picks her up from school, it obviously doesn’t make it any easier for a father-daughter vengeful weekend. There is good news: he has decided not to sell his vacation home by the lake. But there’s also bad news, at least as far as Becky is concerned: she also invites new love Kayla (Amanda Brugel from “The Handmade Tale”) and her youngest son Tie (Isaiah Rockcliffe), whose very existence our heroine finds unbearable. Annoyed at the memory. In the midst of the already uncomfortable dinner, Dad announces that he and Kayla are planning a wedding. Naturally this prompted Becky to jump into a jolt in the surrounding woods heading towards his old play house “castle” (one with two dogs in the family).

At this juncture the doorbell sounds, driven by an elite neighbor to search for a lost pet. Unfortunately, we know that Dominic (James) was actually the ringleader of a convicted quadruped who fled during the transport, already trailing the corpses in their wake. Those in the house soon discover it even at gunpoint. What the criminals want is a mysterious key that was hidden in the basement of the house for unknown reasons – but it is no longer there. The intruders don’t take long to conclude that the missing Becky may have greedy things. Serious damage will be threatened and detainees will be inspected for his return. But once he finds himself in a state of emergency, Becky proves horribly equal in punishment or worse.

About half the point in the film, he sends the first of the bad guys – in addition to the swastika-tattooed Dominic, he includes Cole (Ryan MacDonald) and Hammond (James McDougall), and Apex (6’10 “former pro wrestler Robert Mellett), very evil monsters. Becky, whose guilty conscience may actually be his ally, is not keen to make such a distinction, using garden tools from Art Supply as a deadly weapon, and cuts through his followers an indifferent and joyful path, still treating the rescue of hostages as treatment. Doing.

A few of these properly make the strain credible. For example, it is not clear why Becky is neglecting various opportunities to reach on foot or by motorboat. But the “cottages” co-helmers Millett and Mourinho strike a fair balance between the notion of righteousness and vengeance, the free power (as well as the frequent hatred) of manipulating their approach whenever the viewer’s eyes begin to tilt in disbelief.

Wilson’s nimble half-brat, half-hundred-devil performance is the key to buying early support for us, with strong supporting cast contributions. James threatens as much as the marital duo Rukas and Lane Sky (otherwise directed blockbuster thriller together, the little-seen “Reconnaissance aka” The Devil Two “) by the acclaimed Nick Morris Along the way, however, these types of girlish interloids are very rare, and in most cases, she cuts off a credible hateful person for this wild-type antagonistic role.

Shot in Canada, USA Manufacturing beautifully in all technical and design departments with smooth appearance, fast speed and fit
Nima Fakhra’s original score jumped with an electronic pulse.

Given the time of release, “Becky has a special freeson.” In hints published as a member of the White Prison Crime Syndicate, the recent feature of the Aryan Brotherhood’s directors, “Bushweek”, has some more political comments that overturned. It is probably racially charged in the current situation. Of course, this powerful enterprise keeps the guilt-pleasure safe in the fugitive zone.However, in a possible sequel there is room to explore such opportunities more fully – after all, we can never find a devil who opens all the important keys.

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