June 30, 2022


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Thanks to Beyonc for sampling Robin S on ‘Break My Soul’

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Earlier this week, Beyonc করেছে dropped her first single “Break My Soul” from her upcoming seventh solo studio album “Renaissance”. A sample of the vibrant dance track appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Wednesday to share his gratitude for the inclusion of Robin S. ‘1993 hit “Show Me Love” and Favorite House Artist.

“This is Robin S, and this message goes to Queen Bay herself, to Beyonc,, to J-Z, to the whole team,” she said in her interview. “Thank you so much for giving me my flowers to keep me alive. I’m honored, and I’m excited to see what else can happen. “

Robin says he learned about his use of the song in a single through his son, who told him that the expected new release was sampled “Show Me Love”. “My son called me and he said, ‘Mom, Mom. You are trending everywhere, “he told the broadcaster. “You know, Beyonc released her song and it’s ‘Show Me Love’, and you’re trending everywhere.”

Robin further revealed that there was no formal communication between him and Beyonc আগে before the song was released. However, the well-known house performer said, “It does not have to be confirmed. A singer knows his songs. “

He told the program that he was hopeful the two could work together in the future as “it’s always a dream” and ended the conversation with a loss of words: “I can’t either. Just now. Thanks a lot.” Robin also sent thanks to the team of artists and collaborators behind “Break My Soul”.

Credits for writing “Break My Soul” include J-Z, Adam Piaget (aka Blackenmildi, who has worked with Drake, Covavo, Megan Thi Stallion, and many more), Big Fridia, and Robin’s “Show Me Love.” Robin’s famous dance track was originally published in 1993 and has added itself to the club culture as a major element that has been sampled and remixed by many artists.

Watch the full interview with Robin S. below.

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