March 20, 2023


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That’s right, I missed mine too – different

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Taylor Swift made a brief appearance on the YouTube special “Favorite Class of 2020,” telling undercover high school graduates that she could relate to her experience because she missed her show despite her volunteer MIA experience.

The pop star practically came together and said that it was “not the graduate affection you thought you would go for. I relate to it in many ways. When I was little I graduated from high school and imagined all your friends and caps and gowns and the whole thing. Then when I got to the point in my life where graduation was coming, I found myself sitting in a rental car with my mom, on the airport floor, on a radio tour, and finished sending my diploma.

“So it wasn’t exactly what I portrayed, but I was still really proud of it,” Swift (who didn’t act) added. “And I guess a good lesson will come out of this unexpected expectation, but celebrate anyway. I am very proud of you guys and I hope you have a nice time and are really proud of yourself. “

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