October 16, 2021


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‘The Adams Family 2’ Review: Creepier and Cookier than the first

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The devil is in the narrative – or, in “The Adams Family 2”, a digitally animated sequel aimed at six-year-olds or older, with demented ghostly flashes of humor, fun and childish enough to make you gorgeous. Take, for example, Uncle Fester, who voiced Nick Crawl’s voice in an extremely silly way, reshaping a cracky brown wooden camper where the Adams family is taking a three-week cross-country trek and saying, “Oh, it’s a hybrid – half car, half eye. Floor! Or the way Mortisia, Charlize Theron sang on the most instrumental of the aristocratic melody, she would not just walk Glide Surrounded by her hairy leather-tight dress that looks like the legs of a black silk octopus lying on the floor on the trail. Or Gomez (Oscar Isaac), in his Igor-a-Head-Waiter Hoppage in an Old World accent, says, “Say Billy Ilish is a little too sunny for my tastes.” Or as Wednesday (Chloe Grace Moretz), Proto Goth, that paragon of discontent says, has maintained social distance since birth. Or Cyrus Strange (Bill Header), the mad scientist who is trying to make his daughter on Wednesday, look at King Mortisia and say, “Oh, pipe down, Elvira!”

Two years ago, the first film in the series, “The Adams Family” (2019), was, of course, the first big-screen “Adams Family” feature, followed by two live-actions first released in the ’90s. But I think it could be the 13th. Co-directors, Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon, apparently did a great job, bringing the characters back to the glory of the looped style of the original Charles Adams cartoons. But the jokes were very safe and comfortable (the movie was much less offensive than the movie “Hotel Transylvania”), and the story was thin even for a familiar part of the Cobweb camp.

This is in the nature of most animated sequels struggling to recover the full charm of the original hit. But in the case of “The Adams Family 2”, Tiernan and Vernon used the sequel as an opportunity to upgrade. The script is a whole new team (Dan Hernandez, Benzi Smith, Ben Quinn and Susanna Fogel) and some incompetent bat-in-the-bailfree jokes have now come down with more inspired and spontaneous ghost cookies. In a little Miss Jalapeno Paper contest in Texas on Wednesday, the blonde looks even more awesome at the bottom of the big-haired hill, throwing red on top of the other contestants as if it’s a “carry” promotion.

It helps that on Wednesdays, Lydia could be the spiritual seed, the center of gravity, for characters from “Beetlejuice” to Coraline. In size, “The Adams Family 2” is a road-trip movie, where Adams travels in their camper vans (which looks as big as their mansion inside) their tendency for arid places to talk in the Grand Canyon, Death Valley and other spots.

Emotionally, though, there was talk of a mid-Wednesday crisis. He snatched the chance to win the School Science Fair – although, with the chemical beaker in hand, he was Dr. Like Frankenstein, Pippi has surpassed Longstaking. Her father thinks she doesn’t need it anymore. And an annoying attorney, who looks like Wallace Shawn (and his voice), to show Gomez and Mortisia that their favorite little ghost isn’t actually their daughter; She changed at birth. There is a flashback to meet him at the nursery at Fester Hospital, where he was smiling. juggles Kids in hand (and very sharp brains to get them back right), we thought seriously at the time: could Wednesday be the daughter of Cyrus, who desires the ruthlessly detached genius of her psycho-scientific mind?

The mystery of the Adams family is, of course, that they are actually a group of innocents. They mean well তারা they’re a dedicated middle-class extended family এবং and, if anything, the rest of the world seems annoyed by the comparison. There’s a funny sequence in “The Adams Family 2” where Pogsley (Javan “Wana” Walton), controlled by a rag-doll voodoo doll on Wednesday, wins Niagara Falls with some female tourists with her dancing moves. (He is also a pyromaniac who literally blew up the Grand Canyon.) And on Wednesday when Cyrus is “adopted”, whose wife is literally a Birds (The movie becomes unfamiliar – and it’s weird), our heroine’s hesitation about whether she wants to leave her parents digs a real bitter sweetness of Adams attitude. Wednesday is a pure lie (greeting some kids her age, she says, “I’m sorry, zero lemmings”), but under that punk excellence, Chloe Grace Moretz laces her with the right hint of strange inner normalcy.

I should mention that Larch, at a biker bar, sits on the piano and sings “I’ll live.” And as a performance of that Snoop Dogg’s vocal voice it makes you think spinoff. After the “Adams Family” of 2019, I had no real desire to sit in any of these. After “The Adams Family 2”, I now hope to have an “Adams Family 3” but only if the filmmakers continue to do what they do here: in their PG method, it all depends on bed-bug-madness. Many of the jokes in the movie are purely majestic. But the best are actually a scream.

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