March 29, 2023


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The answer comes from Netflix, Apple Spots – variety

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Even in an epidemic, the flow of a song and the development of overall good fortune are unaffected by any Apple commercial influence.

The latest useful? Norwegian pop musician-lyricist Anna Lotterdud, A.K.A. There has been a sharp trend in streaming activity since North Anna, whose 2012 single “Dream Girl” began to be seen as a score as Apple’s iPad Pro campaign, “Float”. Commercially broadcast mostly on national prime-time and cable TV, the estimated 13 out of 13 girls spent more than 9 10.9 million on the media and 33 million on TV, according to ISPTV.

In the first two weeks of the April 18 airing premiere, Streams of “Dream Girl” jumped 202% in Apple Music and doubled in Spotify, while Shazam’s activity increased by 1000% and sales in the single week increased 999% in the US alone. This increase continued last week, with the total cost of the track from May 8 to May 11 being 12%, according to Nielsen Music.

This kind of influence is a well-known area for Lotterdood, who helped write the playbook for Netflix Sync success when the streaming service’s wildly popular “I Like All Boys Before” Rome-com in 2018. Although Lotardd Tyler, a cult Made by Stateside, he tunes off his first U.S. tour as a result of releasing from Netflix Sync Helped to heal and paved the way for the next tricks with Lanway and the title. This is the shipment that was covered just before the global segregation.

Still, Oslo-based Lotteryd was not unaware of the joy that Apple promotions had until his fans began to warn him about it. “I’m in Norway with no television and no programs like in the United States, so I couldn’t watch it,” Lotard said. “Suddenly people started tweeting about how I was in this Apple ad and then trying to find out if it was true.” Was. It’s so hard to be a musician nowadays, and there are so many talented people out there, so spotlights like this are culturally important. It’s really exciting. “

Learn more about the early effects of the Apple campaign when it came to protecting songs for the screen with Lotard at home, as well as Anna’s other catchy dialogue during the “Never Games” premiere at Netflix. “The conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

Song for the screen: You said you didn’t know the Apple promotion was working, did you know about the use of “Play Games” before Netflix debuted?
I had no idea – the internet, fans let me know. Suddenly someone posted to me, “Oh, your music is in this new Netflix series.”

Considering how tempting these kinds of opportunities are for artists, do you want to be prepared?
As I think about it, I probably want to be surprised [rather than waiting to find out if hers was chosen from a long list of songs by other artists]. I don’t know if I can deal with it, “Oh, will you get a place or not?” Instead of knowing when it happens. It’s better to just be surprised

How do you measure the impact of such a big moment as the Apple promotion when you can’t go on the real world or tour right now?
With the good “I’ve liked all the boys before” I’ve already reached a whole new fanbase, a whole new group of guys that I couldn’t reach on my own. There is very good music here, but if people don’t hear it, how will they know it exists? It’s a really great thing about this, reaching out to people who are so hard to reach on your own.

How was your productivity during the quarantine? Are you writing new songs?
I’m writing lots of songs, or trying. Honestly I wasn’t so much out of my house. I’m working and I’m not drinking, so I’m feeling pretty healthy. I think coronavirus is horrible, and I know it sounds weird but I think it’s really good for me to stay home and take things in stride and not feel bad about it. I felt like I was personally in a better place now than I was at the end of my tour. When the tour was over, I was tired and I would continue things until the Corona incident happened.

Which one initially inspired “Dream Girl” and what is the context in the Apple ad?
The song was composed at a time in my life where I had this relationship and we were ahead and behind. I never got approval from him that I needed or you can get from a healthy relationship. So, I think the whole “Dream Girl” album inspired how that relationship is really important to me. I needed to understand how to be more self-reliant and more confident. I had to find that energy in myself and that’s what the “girl of dreams” wanted me to convey. It is also ironic in a way that it is fun and sad and all mixed feelings of being sad. Maybe it’s better to feel like it because sometimes when you feel things like that you go into survival mode. You use or search for angles yourself that you have never seen before.

So that’s “Dream Girl”. A dream girl doesn’t exist, but the key is to be for your own dream girl or someone. Because nothing is perfect and you can never be perfect, but you can somehow be perfect for yourself. So I wrote a lot of music about her and the whole “Dream Girl” Girl album tried to find that happiness within herself.

I don’t know how it somehow connects to the Apple Spot, but the iPad is a tool to be creative, it’s a dream tool. “Dream Girl” is funny, but it’s also rare and it’s sad. It’s all a feeling.

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