March 29, 2023


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‘The Bachelor’ Spinoff is its first couple – Variety

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Eater Warning: If you haven’t seen the final of “Bachelor Presents: Don’t Listen to Your Heart” yet, don’t read it.

The contestants of “The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart” traveled to their final destination at the end of Monday night. Chris Watson and Brie Strauss, Trevor Holmes and Jamie Gabriel and Matt Ranaudo and Rudy arrived in Nashville before their final performances.

Each couple was given their weekly music assignment before their rehearsals began and before their deadlines. Most began practicing immediately but began to express doubts about his relationship with Matt Rudy.

Realizing that they could not contain the emotions of their comrades-in-arms, the two finally decided to end their relationship. He said to her in a parting way, “I will have such a deep feeling for you forever.” “We’ve been so attached to this whole thing all our lives.”

The remaining couples were provided with their respective “fantasy suits”. When Jamie and Trevor chose to spend extra time together, Chris and Brie chose to leave their shared house.

Chris said, “On the way to the real relationship I have … actually moving very fast on the physical front, can’t be seen on the sensitive front,” Chris said.

Bachelor Rarity, Chris and Brie were both satisfied with their decision after being denied the fantasy suit. “We’re in such a good place, I don’t want to compromise,” he said.

However, their stability did not take the rehearsal the next day, as their music director criticized their performance “don’t feel together”.

“I keep thinking about last night,” Brie said. “Any kind of intimacy binds the two and brings them closer together. Maybe that’s why we’re a little bit apart today.

The concert was performed in front of a panel of judges that included actors Tayy Diggs, Jewel and Rita Wilson, as well as bachelor nation couple Caitlin Bristow and Jason Tartick.

Jamie and Trevor inaugurated the show and the judges presented their “Unspoken Melody” and “Speechless”. But when they were passionate about their “adorable” relationship, they thought they were leaning too much on each other, and couldn’t find their freedom.

The second act featured Chris and Brie. The judges praised both their chemistry and their technical skills.

“I’ll pay you to see the boys,” Diggs said.

Judges had the power to make the final decision. After the discussion, Chris Harrison hosted a rose ceremony in front of the audience, where he announced Chris and Brick as the first winners of the series. The two had the opportunity to write, record and travel their music together.

In addition to being the first winner of the series, Chris and Brie are an interracial couple in any “bachelor” series.

During the credit, viewers were given a recent glimpse into the couple’s recording life as they prepare to release their first album. Their song features: “Fear for death that you will be this / Love is true, shoes can fit / You can only be everything to me / And beyond that / Space and time and the next life / Will I be yours Kids? / Are you Will you be my wife? / You can be just my everything and beyond. “

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