March 25, 2023


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The Black Lives Matter protesters gathered at the academy’s headquarters – various

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Protesters gathered at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Friday in support of the Black Live Matter movement.

Nominated candidate for the best picture of 2014 “Selma” Dr. A day after the release of Martin Luther King Jr.’s David Wellow, it was reported that Oscar voters displeased the T-shirt-wearing actor who said “I can’t breathe” at the film’s Los Angeles premiere in protest of Eric Garner’s murder. Director Ava Duvern confirmed the story on Twitter.

“Members of the academy called the studio and our producers and said,‘ How dare they do that? Why are they causing a stir? ’And‘ We won’t vote for that film because we don’t think it would be their place to do it, ’” Welovo told Screen Daily’s Screen Talk.

Actresses Anjanu Ellis, Miluna Jackson, Tanay Seibrook and Stephanie Leigh orchestrated the gathering to give space to actors willing to sing, read the poem, dance, speak and express themselves in their own language. Attendees were encouraged to bring masks, hand sanitizers and gloves as a health precaution against the spread of coronavirus.

One speaker said, “All this pushing and shoving for myself has really empowered me.” Because I understand and we all know that no one is trying to keep a thumbs up or push back on something that they think is inferior to them. Doesn’t try. So let’s be clear about them, the emotions we feel and get upset about … we can’t lose sight of our personal values. “

“The idea of ​​a good and bad police should be taken into account. There are better and worse people who can wear the uniform, but jobs can’t have these options when people’s lives are at risk,” another speaker told Applause.

Paramount rents free “Selma” on digital platforms at the end of the month.

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