September 20, 2021


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The Brazilian city of Sওo Paulo has introduced various incentives to draw post-covid productions.

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Sao Paulo, already the largest film and TV hub in Brazil – indeed the second largest shoot locale in Latin America after Mexico City – is now embarking on a production incentive revolution.

The city is reading Brazil’s first cash discount for international and national productions and international co-productions at Sao Paulo’s film-TV company Espicin.

Spin President Los Bodanzaki has said it will be launched as soon as the COVID-19 crisis subsides, probably after July, when production is planned in Brazil once again, said Spin President Los Bodanzaki.

Featured movies, animations, series and global commercials, and potential national productions in the international market (Netflix series folks) are all eligible for discounts. Tabbed at 20% -30% of local spending, with a minimum local cost of $ 500,000, the discount cap will depend on the amount of money available at the time of publication of the final text of the law and the exchange rate, Bodansky added.

Sao Paulo has already become a production hub for international and Brazilian companies, hosting episodes of the Keanu Reeves-produced Netflix series “Victory,” “Sense 8” and “Black Mirror”. This streamer has produced 10 out of 15 Brazilian cities, in whole or in part.

Places – such as the city view of Sওo Paulo’s shiny white concrete high-rise towers – are a draw, while the city’s deep talent
Another pool.

International Desk: “Sao Paulo is one of the best places in the net for free, due to the richness of the Brazilian landscape, the density of talent and extraordinary production companies, and the richness of the Croatians for shows like ‘Sintonia’ and ‘Modo Aveo,'” Francisco Ramos said.

“We currently make films in multiple cities across the country but since we started producing locally, this city has welcomed our production with open arms. We are proud to show the world a glimpse of this magic city through Netflix, “he added.

Encouragement represents a breath of oxygen in the almost entirely frustrated Brazilian film industry that has seen President Jaye Bolsonaro’s government freeze almost all subsidy funds for almost 18 months.

“Cash discount incentives for national production are especially important in times of low resources and funding,” Bodansky said. “Hosting international or national productions in Sওo Paulo is a necessary way to source resources for the local economy and jobs.”

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