October 25, 2021


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The Chinese box office crawled with $ 25 million weekends

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China’s box office has slowed to its lowest point of the year this week, bringing the total to তিন 24.6 million over the three-day weekend, ending before the September 30 patriotic National Day holiday blockbuster arrives. Information from the Consultant Craftsman Gateway.

This is 27% less than the 7. 7.3 billion box office achieved at the same point in 2019 from China’s 5. 5.3 billion box-office.

If any competitive title is released this weekend, the box office will see cannibals by the big films officially promoted by “The Battle at Changjin Lake” and “My Country, My Parents” which will guarantee strong sales due to their political nature. Especially in a politically symbolic year (100th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Communist Party).

The holiday season in the first week of October is the time of the annual unofficial blackout with foreign titles. The gap is set to close by October 22 this year with the arrival of Dennis Villeneuve’s “Dun,” which will be distributed by the legendary film in China. This will be followed by another big release in Hollywood: “No Time to Die”, arriving on October 2ving.

This week, for the second weekend in a row, the deficit-free pack was led by local disaster relief film “Cloudy Mountain,” which grossed another 6 10.6 million to bring its grain to 58 58.2 million, Artisan Gateway data showed.

This was followed by the cry “All About My Mother”, a moral story with which to spend time and admire one’s parents, which earned $ 4.2 million.

“Free Guy”, a 20th-century studio, ranked in the top five five months after his August 5th debut in China. According to box office Mojo, it now has আয় 94.2 million in revenue in China, which is not far behind the domestic revenue of 4 114 million.

Right behind “Free Guy” was the action film “Raging Fire”, which grossed another .4 2.4 million, and now has an impressive $ 202 million in China.

Local youth romance “To Be With You” earned $ 1.2 million in fifth place.

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