September 20, 2021


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The COVID Stimulus Bill includes provisions for film, TV and theaters

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The $ 900 billion COVID stimulus bill includes several special provisions for the film and television industry, including tax breaks for studios and production companies, and billions for small theater chains.

Congress will pass the measure Monday night, with a য়ের 1.4 trillion costly spending bill to keep the government going. The Universal Bill includes long-standing provisions in the film industry, including cracking down on pirated content traffic in streaming services.

The theater industry is lobbying hard for the Save Our Stage Act, a system that would provide বিন 15 billion in grants for live entertainment venues and theaters damaged by the epidemic. Grants are available to organizations of 500 full-time equivalent employees or fewer. It represents about 3,500 locations of about 1,580 theater operators or represents about 60% of the total U.S. theater business. Sen Chuck Schumer, who is closely associated with Brandway Theaters, has been pushing for the move for months.

The stimulus bill also includes a five-year extension of tax breaks for film, TV and live theatrical productions. Under Article 181 of the Tax Code, producers are allowed to deduct up to 15 15 million from the cost of one year produced for the year without waiting for the project to be released. The provision expires on December 31, although it is usually extended year after year. The stimulus bill extends the tax break to the end of 2025, giving studios more certainty when it comes to production plans.

The Omnibus Bill also includes the Protection Legal Streaming Act to provide funding to keep the government running. Sen. This arrangement by Thom Tillis does a deadly job of operating a “digital transmission service” that basically provides an illegal flow of copyrighted content. Such behavior is already a misdemeanor and the law brings penalties for illegal downloads and trafficking in pirated physical media.

The Motion Picture Association and its offshore, creativity and entertainment alliance are pursuing operators of pirate streaming sites in civil courts, sometimes receiving substantial judgments and closure orders, but now they will have more advantage in involving FBI and federal prosecutors in such cases. .

The move marks the most significant advance for copyright holders since the failure of the Stop Online Piracy Act nine years ago, which spread in response to the technology community. In the years that followed, big tech companies saw a slight decline in Capitol Hill amid perceived hot-button controversy over censorship and disinformation.

A group of online consumer rights advocates had previously indicated in Public Knowledge that they would not oppose the move, stating that it was “narrowly crafted and refrained from criminalizing users who could do nothing more than click links or upload files.” ” Tillis, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, is working on a more comprehensive and ambitious reform of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which would make it easier for copyright holders to draw flags and remove pirated content.

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