September 20, 2021


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The director of ‘Earthlings’ has responded to the incident of terrorism in Ukraine

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The director of a 15-year-old animal rights documentary at the center of a fraudulent hostage situation in Ukraine condemned the incident, saying, “We do not create terrorism to awaken people to terror.”

Director Sean Monson’s remarks came after a Ukrainian hostage, 44-year-old Maxim Kryvos, held 13 people hostage on Tuesday, demanding that the country’s president, Joaquin Phoenix-described “Earthlings”, publicly support the country’s demands. Issued 12 hours before stand-off with police.

President Volodymyr Zelensky followed the terrorist’s request and posted a short video on Facebook encouraging people to “watch the 2005 documentary ‘Earthlings’.” He later deleted the post.

“Earthlings do not support or support terrorist activities, because its message is one of compassion for all people. The theme of the film is the ongoing global slaughter of billions of defenseless animals, which is not only detrimental to human health, but also a primary cause of climate change, “Monson said in a statement. Diversity.

“But we do not create terror to awaken people to terror. Our hearts reach out to all those affected by this ordeal, to their families, as well as to the authorities who ensured that no lives were lost. We can move forward with non-violence towards all. ”

“Earthlings” examine the use of animals in the agricultural and scientific industries and include hidden camera footage of the victims. It also compares racism to racism and sexuality between humans ares phoenix, who has not yet commented on the incident, is a passionate animal rights activist and recently starred in a short film called Rebellion for the Abolition of the Environmental Movement, produced by Manson.

Jelensky “Earthlings” – after posting a message about the hostages being shown on the Krevus bus – all the hostages were released and Krevs surrendered to police. No one was harmed.

Kryvos caught a bus and barricaded the town of Lutsk on Tuesday morning. The day before, he had posted his manifesto and claim on Twitter. In addition to his claims about “Earthlings”, he posted messages to government officials and members of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church saying they were terrorists.

After the hostages were released, Zelensky issued a statement arresting Kryvos and saying, “We were not fighting for ratings. We were fighting for our lives. ”

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