March 29, 2023


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The ear cancels the physical version, to host the screening at the fruit festival – Variety Var

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The Cannes Film Festival will unveil a selection of films in early June and collaborate to present some films, including several festivals in Venice, Diversity Confirming that the organizers also seem to have ruled out the possibility of any physical festival towards this fall.

“As of today, organizing a physical version seems complicated, so we’re moving forward with the announcement of the film from the (early official) election in early June,” said Cannes director Thierry, confirming what the festival’s spokesperson said. He made the remarks in an interview with the Framax Screen Daily on Sunday.

Instead of picking up the virtual festival, the spokesperson said, the ear will organize rehabilitation (outside the wall) (in the ear) in collaboration with fall festivals. This includes Venice, as previously reported Diversity, And with whom the discussion has begun, as well as the movie.

Can Prince, a staunch supporter of movie theaters, has promised to help senders behind the scenes for this fall. “Cinema and its industry are under threat. We need to recreate its importance with energy, unity and solidarity, and reaffirm that, “said Framax. Diversity In April.

On the weekend, Framax said that instead of unveiling this year’s official selection – which was out of competition and the whole thing, including the Un-Senior Register, he would only announce a list of movies that were part of the roster and were set to release in theaters now and next spring. These films will be given a ‘Can 2020’ label. The selection process for next year’s festival, meanwhile, will begin in the fall. Some versions that were selected for this edition and delayed their release within one year will be considered for the 2021 edition.

Cannes will be showing his “labeled” films as Toronto, DeVille, Angullem, San Sebastian, New York, Bushan and Lyman as Fremax’s own Lumi Festival. Fremax associated with Venice the idea that the film should be presented jointly going further.

Meanwhile, the virtual version of the Can March March du film will run June 22-26, along with the U.S. Martial Agency-led virtual market.

The fate of the Venice Film Festival will be decided at the end of the month. Organizers recently distributed a brief survey of industry players to determine the level of attendance from filmmakers and talent.

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