January 31, 2023


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‘The Fablemans’ is released in India by Reliance Entertainment

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Reliance Entertainment will release Steven Spielberg’s award season contender “The Fablemans” across India on February 10.

Releases in India are notable because, although US movies have increased their market share at the box office to around 11%, the bulk is dominated by Hollywood franchises, superhero films or creature features, which are dubbed into several local languages. Prestige dramas, such as “The Fablemans”, when they are released, are only shown in their original English versions.

A deeply personal portrait of 20th-century American childhood, “The Fablemans” is a cinematic memoir of the power and family that shaped the filmmaker’s life and career. The film won Best Director and Best Picture – Drama at the recently held 80th Golden Globe Awards.

Accepting the award, Spielberg said: “I put a lot in the way of this story. I’ve told this story in parts and parcels throughout my career,” said Spielberg, “ET the Extra-Terrestrial,” “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “Munich” and “West Side Story.” “And my wife Kate [Capshaw] Always said, ‘You have to say it.’ During Covid, I didn’t know if any of us would ever get a chance to tell our stories again.”

Reliance Entertainment has partnered with Spielberg since 2009 to form DreamWorks Studios and then the Amblin entity. “The Fablemans” is produced by Amblin Entertainment, Amblin Partners, Reliance Entertainment and Universal Pictures. Reliance Entertainment has made it a point to release most of the films produced in partnership with Amblin theatrically.

Dhruv Sinha, Head of International Business, Reliance Entertainment said diversity: “We are extremely proud of our long-standing and fruitful partnership with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. This association has borne fruit with Oscar- and Golden Globe-acclaimed films such as ‘The Help,’ ‘War Horse,’ ‘Lincoln,’ ‘Bridge of Spies,’ ‘The Post,’ ‘Green Book’ and ‘1917.’ . Other. We brought these creative masterpieces to Indian cinema and now, on the same scale, we bring ‘The Fablemans’ to audiences on February 10.”

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