March 20, 2023


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The Failure of ‘Fantastic Four’, Josh Trunk Interview on ‘Capone’ – Variety

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Josh knows that Trunk likes to lose everything.

In 2015, the filmmaker’s red hot career unfolded with the release of “Fantastic Four”, a tainted fictional superhero reboot that critics revealed and sat down to lose millions of dollars at the box office. Blame for the failure fell on top of the trunk, who was at the center of multiple articles claiming he presented a chaotic set, cleansed by conflict and a competitive creative approach. Trunk further complicated the problem with the fact that the studio version of “Fantastic Four” was dramatically different from its own.

Trunk tweeted, “I had a great version of this a year ago.” And it will recover. [sic] Great review. You probably won’t see it. Although this is the reality.

In short the trunk, whose 2012 footage comic book film “Chronicle” persuaded him to A-list, was virtually neutral. He was fired from the Star Wars spin-off movie and was supposed to be directed, and other big movie offers have dried up.

But with the trunk “Capone” fighting back from the brink of destruction, it is an off-beat look at the final year of Al Capone’s life. It was an insulting fuck to gangster Stind, the most notorious force in organized crime, waiting to die on his premises in Palm Island, Florida, who was suffering from syphilis and dementia, money problems. It is the opposite of a kind of fate that the trunk can detect.

“Capone” starring Tom Hardy, who is virtually unknown as a winter rum-runner, will be released on May 12 on-demand. Diversity Trying to shake the fruit out of “Fantastic Four” and why he thinks “Capone” is his best film.

Why would you want to focus on the end of Al Capone’s life without dramatizing his glorious year in Chicago?

I didn’t make the initial journey to make a movie with Al Capone at all. It came at a time when I had the most catastrophic professional experience of my life. ‘Fantastic Four’ was barely released. My life was ruined. I would move to a place where I was extremely successful professionally. For a good four year period, I felt your experience was like gaining experience in the world. It was certainly a very surreal experience. It’s like providing supremacy for a while. I work with the most powerful corporations in the world and deal with all the movers and shakers. I think I was in the pilot seat of the most expensive world class jet. I left and sat in my backyard chain smoking and didn’t know what would happen in a few months after my bank account ran out. My professional opportunities did not come in the near future.

Until five months after the release of ‘Fantastic Four’, there were countless stories in the media about the same person like me – Josh Trunk – who got into trouble with one person, just destroyed the sets of this movie and got involved in all sorts of embarrassing situations. I read about this guy, whose name is mine, he doesn’t remember these stories being told to the public in any way. My first reaction at the beginning was to feel very defensive and want to protect myself. When I realized that I couldn’t defend myself against the way my feature happened, I just had to sit there and be spectacular. I have ended this highly entrenched notion of my own identity. I felt that I had no control over myself and no writer in my own life. Once the movie came out and it looked like a disaster it would go to everyone, I don’t keep the story to myself.

So how does the failure of ‘Fantastic Four’ lead to ‘Capone’?

This seed of an idea based on my own reading about Al Capone popped into my head since I was little when I was busy for months and just stagnant and doing a lot of therapy. I knew about that time in his life after I was released from Alcatraz when I was suffering from neurosyphilis. On Palm Island he was just smoking a cigar in his own backyard and not really interacting with other people. He was far from being the ruling king of Chicago and one of the most powerful and feared people in the world. In my head, I was just thinking that Al Capone had been moving away from Al Capone for so long in his life that he got it for a while? What if he turned up on the radio and heard a fictional radio drama about Al Capone? How will he feel? It came from here. I realized that getting involved with me as a person and as a writer was an important story for me, because I wanted to explore with it. The more I started writing it, the more I realized that it was a story about an iconic image of history, View through a completely different window.

Can you identify with Al Capone?

Not as a thug or bootlegger. What I identified was that public personalities and stories about you spread in a fashion that was beyond your control. The theme was related to me losing touch with someone’s identity. For Al Capone, he was going through a lack of ownership of his own identity because his life experience had become a myth in American culture for storytelling. He was at a moment in his life where his mental faculties deceived him and tormented him with physical disabilities. I understand that. I feel powerless where at one point I feel very strong. I felt like I had lost my own connection to my identity. I felt isolated from a lot of people I once called friends. All these things I synthesized in a humane way and it allows me to create this script.

Do you feel responsible for the problems that plague Fantastic Four, such as being involved in a curse like Fantastic Four? Do you blame the last picture for the failure?

I feel that there is a deep level of abuse in the media about what is going on with the film. But my own level of responsibility in the film appeared as a disaster and not working, I was absolutely responsible. But everyone else was. When I was in the middle of the situation it was very clear that everyone was doing the wrong thing. When the stories started to be published, I was the nominated reading guy

To me it was unfair because there was a public perception that it was the responsibility of a person not to follow this path which is a very easy thing to believe. You’ve got all these professional adults who have worked in a lot of movies and all these well-established art insiders who have been making these kinds of movies for a long time and here this young, relatively inexperienced filmmaker is being described as the last to head. They said I wasn’t communicating with people and didn’t want to play by the rules. I was described as acting against the will of others in a way that was destructive. When I read it, I thought, ‘OK, if I believe that story because I didn’t know it because it seems so appealing’, but I don’t remember it. What I remembered was that I was becoming overly communicative. I have no problem communicating, and I have never had a problem communicating. This is why I got ‘Chronicle’ Greenlit when I didn’t do much work in my name. The problem is, I’m talking about ideas that don’t go well with everyone else. It’s not their fault and it’s not my fault. It was the wrong combination of people trying to come together and get something creative. ‘Capone’ was opposite the pole. It was the right combination of the right people working on something creative.

Capone has not yet been released. I don’t know what a review is going to be but regardless of how it is received it seems to me to be the biggest success of my life. I love the movie and this is the movie I always dreamed of making.

Capone was shot before The Irishman was released, but there is a strong thematic connection between the films. Both films are about thugs who don’t die in a gunfight, but who in some cases go beyond their natural expiration points. Do you agree

After finishing editing my ‘Capone’ cut I saw ‘The Irishman’ and it was really interesting to watch. That recourse of the film, the reflective aspect – the guilt and how it is handled in the movie is like ‘Capone’ in ‘Capone’ I am working with a character who has done a lot of naughty things with people and escaped by killing many times. His ability to do so is because he can suppress the normal feelings of guilt that someone else may feel. When you reach the end of your life and you are out there making money, having fun and doing the things you do

Why did you cast Tom Hardy?

Tom is one of my favorite actors. This level of his power is very unique. He has a ton of humanity and humility. What he does on screen is extremely brave, because he is not afraid to do something that many other actors may think they look stupid or weird. She embraces these things.

Are you disappointed that ‘Capone’ will not be released on the whole stage as the movies are closed due to Carnavirus?

This is a film that I have kept for four and a half months of my life. We always intended it to be performed in a large theater. There is a level of frustration, but at the same time, in March when it becomes clear [coronavirus] There was a serious thing. When lockdowns began to be placed from town to town, something changed in my head.

There is a good chance that the world will look completely different once it is over. I’m lucky enough to have this movie released in detail so it’s great that people can see it. I’m happy with it and I’m happy for people to see something new. It’s a film that now has a different relevance because it’s about someone who is as isolated as everyone else who is isolated. To me, the whole point of going to the movies is to feel a little less lonely and a little crazy about the existing. Hopefully this movie can help people feel a little less lonely and a little less insane when they are stuck indoors.

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