March 20, 2023


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The five best celebrity penthouses – variety

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There’s something about the words “celebrity” and “penthouse” that looks like it’s going to go together. It combines a rare world of high-end luxury, private elevators, gorgeous furnishings and breathtaking views. A penthouse, like a lovely townhouse, symbolizes an unavailable status among the financial elite. Choose how the cream ultimately rises to the top, sitting privately on top of other apartments in a penthouse building and as such usually carries an external price tag that is often much higher than a downstairs apartment of the same size.

Penthouse buyers can expect smargasbirds of on-trend design and include landscaped balconies and terraces, glass walls, vaulted ceilings and sometimes rooftop swimming pools.

Given all the extra additions luxury, it’s not hard to see why high-net worth individuals and celebrities flock to the penthouse like pollen from bees. It is a symbol of ultimate status and a combination of inauguration, a sky-high palace achieved and achievable by only a handful of spectacular successes. For celebrities seeking some privacy, there is also the functionality of a penthouse: with exclusive access and often, with no shared walls with other units, they act as an uninterrupted respite from the camera lens and pricing neighbors.

Check out the gallery for a peek at five unique penthouses, including the Tinseltown pedigree.

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