October 20, 2021


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The ‘Hilder Short Summer’ trailer has dropped before the San Sebastian premiere

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Diversity Agustan Banchero’s first Uruguayan feature “Hilder Short Summer” was sold by Figa Films and given special access for premiere in this year’s San Sebastian Film Festival on Sunday, September 19th in the new director section.

“Hilder Short Summer” is produced by Uruguay’s Turkiofilm’s Virginia Bagliolo and Clarissa Guarilla from Arisas, Brazil.

This is a return to the Spanish Fest for the film, which took part in 201 Fil Films in Progress, now called WIP Latam. Banchero will be particularly busy at this year’s festival, as he brings his next project, “Las Murtেসs Passageras”, to this year’s Europe-Latin America co-production forum.

Hilda is a purposeful single woman living in a small rural town Conception who deliberately sabotages any kind of emotional relationship with the people around her. However, when his eldest son sends the message that he will return to the country for his first visit in a few years, he makes a concerted effort to change before the tour.

Hilda decides to fix her own physical structure alongside her neglected home, a little more than a thought so far. At the last moment, after Hilda finishes her makeover, her son cancels the trip, sends the woman in a spiral, forcing her to reflect on the past she wants to forget rather.

In the trailer, we see Hilda, after learning of her son’s scheduled return, plans to fix the house and seeks help to do so. Involved with seemingly happy-time granular, low-fi footage, we get a taste of Banchero’s instincts to play with time and space and are reluctant to promise him when telling his story.

A visual artist, playwright and director, Banchero studied directing at the Uruguayan Film School, and has been busy since then, directing several short films, including “Pozzos” (2008), “Manana Lunes” (2010), and “Lezos S. Invirno”. . 2011), “de las Casas Blankas” (2012) and “Las Pardidas” (2015).

“I film to understand myself and the people around me,” Banchero said of his filming style. “I want to compose a movie that is driven by the inner workings of the characters. I don’t try to fully understand space or time. Emotions and memories must rule the film.

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