October 25, 2021


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The IATSE talks will continue on Saturday

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High-level talks between the studio and the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees will also take place on Saturday, as both sides are discussing various issues.

The union is seeking a movement on its main priorities – including long-term and streaming pay scales – but has suggested it would not allow negotiations to drag on indefinitely.

“It’s not a matter of weeks, it’s a matter of days,” International President Matthew Loeb said in a statement on Friday night.

13 Basic Agreements Locals also issued a statement, emphasizing the urgency of getting an agreement. “Even though we are committed to the bargaining process, an issue will come up where the word has to be replaced by the verb.”

The two sides ended their fourth day of negotiations on Friday, after announcing on Monday that talks% voting members had approved the strike if negotiations failed to reach an agreement.

“We are committed to doing what we want to do,” said a union official. “We are committed to a deal. We need them to address our core priorities. We’re not going to be persuaded to drag it out for weeks and weeks. We need to see significant movement. ”

Discussions continue under a media blackout, although a few details were released on Thursday. A union official reported that AMPTP had agreed to provide a 10-hour “turnaround” in shifts for all workers in all types of production, which was one of the main goals of the IATSE negotiators. But some members অনেক many of whom already have 10-hour shifts তারা didn’t think it was enough.

“If we win that, it doesn’t look like a victory,” said Daniel Remillard, an electrician working with Local 80 in New Mexico. “As long as I was in this union, our leadership was weak. They are constantly leaning towards the attitude of producing and getting people to work and keep things going. And for a long time I have felt that we need to plant our feet and ask for more because we deserve more … The things we are discussing for this round are minimal. ”

Lee Sablik, a member of the local 80’s Grips Union, added that the 10-hour shift was “still bad.” The 10-hour shift still means that crews can work 14-hour days. Some members have advocated for 12 hours in shifts, which would result in a 12-hour day, although the union did not support it in negotiations. Crew members have long placed pressure on their health and safety.

“There were a lot of times when I was so tired that they thought I was having a heart attack,” Sablick said, adding that he sometimes had to try not to fall asleep at the drive home. “There have been many times when I have had to stay out of the window screaming to stay awake. There are times when I had to pull for a quick half hour of sleep. ”

The Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance was also said to be willing to address the weekend, the first such provision in the IATSE Basic Agreement. Union members were told to drop what they read in the press and wait for the full terms to become available.

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