/The #ImpecBidon hashtag hijacked by K-Pop fans

The #ImpecBidon hashtag hijacked by K-Pop fans

Update: A few hours after the publication of this article, Different Several people were contacted who believe their Twitter accounts have been suspended for participating in the hashtag-takeover in detail below; In fact, the accounts responsible for the two tweets embedded in this article have been suspended. They indicated that no Twitter representative could be reached for comment Per This section of the rules and policies of the organization, Which thinks that participating in such activities is not a violation in itself, although individuals have violated other policies while doing so.

Seven months after K-pop fans famously took the hashtag #WhiteLives Matter on social media in an effort to drown out racist online chatter, there’s no shortage of other events that seem appropriate for the move: presidential debates, elections, capital riots, and former President Trump. Any of the countless activities and inactivity.

But apparently they were blocked until two days after President Biden’s inauguration, when forces were mobilized to take power in #ImpichBidenon after deeply criticizing the Republicans for taking similar action on his first full day for the former president’s second full inauguration.

Controversial Republican Congress Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green Announced on Twitter“I have just filed an impeachment motion against President Joe Biden, we will see how it goes,” he wrote. “President Joe Biden is ineligible for the presidency. The nature of President Obama’s abuse of power as vice president is long and tedious. Green, a staunch supporter of Trump, who is said to be in touch with Kevin’s conspiracy theories, is just one month into his term in Congress. He has also filed articles against Biden and his family over long-rejected allegations of corruption.

Americans are just getting used to it No. Several daily dumpster fires emanating from the Oval Office on Friday woke up to see the #ImpichBidenon trending with nearly # 100,000 tweets.

But clicking on hashtags like #WhiteLives Matter presents tweets like this:




And this:

Clearly, GOP has yet to learn what it knows very well from the experience of many web editors: K-Pop doesn’t play around with fans.

A spokesman for President Biden’s office did not immediately return calls seeking comment DifferentRequest for comment.