February 8, 2023


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The Italian 2022 box office total is less than half of the pre-pandemic total

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Italy’s box office gross in 2022 was €306 million ($328,000) with admissions at just 44.5 million admissions, a 48% drop from the country’s average pre-pandemic admissions between 2017 and 2019.

On the positive side, Italian 2022 box office results are up 81% compared to 2021 when closures, mandatory Covid masks at cinemas and other side effects of the pandemic have largely subsided.

But the country’s movie mojo compares with France’s 152 million admissions in 2022, and also Germany’s 74 million admissions and Spain’s 59 million, all below pre-pandemic levels, but not dramatically so. . For example, cinema attendances in France and Germany were about 26% below their pre-pandemic levels, while Spain was 37% below pre-pandemic equivalents, according to a study by Italian motion picture association ANICA that was released on the country’s box office. Statistics and its relevant analysis during a press conference on Tuesday.

Hollywood dominated the year, accounting for 58% of the Italian market, repeating the nearly 7% increase in US studios’ market share compared to the pre-pandemic period. Like France, there were no Italian movies in the top ten last year for the first time in recent memory.

Italy’s top 2022 grosser is James Cameron’s blockbuster sequel “Avatar: The Way of Water,” which earned more than €27 million ($29 million), and counting; Then came “Minions 2,” which grossed €14.7 million ($15.8 million) in Italian cinemas; and “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” which pulled in €13.6 million ($14.6 million).

The top Italian title at the domestic box office was Roberto Ando’s “La Stranazza” (“The Strangeness”), with Tony Servillo (“The Great Beauty”) topping Nobel-prize-winning playwright Luigi Pirandello. Italian movie revenue was €60.3 million ($64.7 million), or 19.7% of the total pie.

The year’s leading distributor in Italy was Disney, accounting for a 26.4% market share, followed by Warner Bros. (20.7%), Universal (14.7%), and local indies Eagle Pictures (9%) and 01 Distribution (7%).

“We greet the beginning of 2023 with a spirit of cautious optimism because we know that it will take time to return to pre-pandemic levels that were the best ever,” commented ANICA president Francesco Rutelli during the presser. He added that the much-needed boost for the country’s films “definitely depends on the strength of the product” and noted that “the positive start to 2023 has proven how both product versatility and originality can lead to a great new season of cinema viewing.”

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