April 2, 2023


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The Italian film industry takes small steps forward – diverse

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The Italian film and TV industry had a roll when the epidemic hit the country particularly hard. With the movie theaters reopening and productions ready to shoot, it is now starting to make a comeback, with the Venice Film Festival physically held in September could become a symbol of efforts to revive the world entertainment industry.

In addition to the festival, Venice is expected to host Tom Cruise on the Grand Canal in September as Paramount’s “Mission: Impossible 7” filming is set to resume – one of about 40 shoots featuring 17 feature films, 19 TV series and some shorts. The site was locked in Italy in March

Since March, the Italian government has been providing about 5 145 million in aid packages to substantial supporters, exhibitors, distributors and producers of the entertainment industry. Netflix and the Italian Film Commissions have launched a fund to provide short-term emergency assistance to crews that is not limited to Netflix production, but has stopped working.

In the case of the Cannes virtual market, the top Italian sales companies will all participate, but without great expectations. Or rather, they don’t really know what to expect.

“It’s going to be a“ pilot episode ”for all of us,” said Katia Rossi, a top experienced salesperson at Vision Distribution in Berlin earlier this year. “We all still need to understand whether it will work; And if so, how much. Basically I don’t know how much attention the ear can draw to our product. ”

Rossi further notes that “these elements are usually missing these years when it comes to the physical market in Cannes or Berlin [in a virtual market]. “Original: Screening of the title in one of the festival sections, probably drawn in favor of Venice after the” Tray Piani “(three floors) of Nanny’s statue was pulled from Cannes, is the only Italian product that carries the Cannes Official Selection label,” said Jonathan, director in the United States. Nocitar’s “Last Word” is an ecological story about the world’s last filmmakers in 2085, when the crop didn’t grow and the children weren’t born again. Timely filming with a cast of costumes featuring Nick Nolte, Charlotte Rampling, Alba Rohrwacher and Stalin Scarsgard. Selling.

In Cannes, most Italian sellers who have new products are lagging behind because there is an Italian screening market a few weeks later, so they are waiting until then to unveil their product, which could be either in Venice or Toronto. Francesca Matsoleni’s dock “Panta Sacra” about a Shantintown near Rome using True Colors Can Mart, a Rome-based sales company, has begun to win, having recently won Visions du Rail Fest and will now have its market premiere.

In terms of production, the film and TV industry companies are intervening in contracts with the government in preparation for their resumption.

Marta Donzelli, co-head of Vivo Films in Italy, recently told a diversity-added panel, “In Italy, we are trying to come up with a model where everyone contributes and shares the risk in one way or another. Local legislators, in a concerted effort, are big distributors, broadcasters.” , Players and public funds are trying to get involved “

Donzelli notes, “The Italian Ministry of Culture is also in the process of increasing the local tax credit for production from 30% -40% of the cost,” which will give us the possibility to directly exploit the costs generated by the COVID-19 protocol.

Vivo Films is one of the first Italian companies to soon start shooting for the “Baby” series for Netflix, “Chiller,” based on the bestselling Gothic novel, “Hello Andrea de Sika”.

Pictures in the pipeline
Italian films are undergoing a drastic shift towards genre storytelling, although classic Ottoman titles remain a powerful element of the country’s cinematic output. Below is a summary of the standalone movie Italiano projects at various stages.

Andre Tutu Beni (everything will be fine)
Directed by Francesco Bruni, the play has the rare distinction of having a remake deal with Germany’s DCM Film Intel before its release. The title may be forgiven for being related to a coronavirus epidemic, but instead of a picture, a down-out film director discovers that he has a leukemia that requires a stem cell transplant from a matching donor. Kim Rossi Stewart (“Crime Novel,” “Evil of Evil”) has starred in it. Bruni, who based the story on his personal battle with an illness, is a prominent Italian screenwriter-directed director, whose first performance, “Cecilia” (“Chile”), went to Venice in 2011.

Born to be murdered
Luca Guadagnino has created this thriller – now in the post – where a couple (Alicia Vikander and John David Washington) are on vacation in Greece. They fall into a violent conspiracy with tragic consequences. Ferdinando Cito Philomarino followed his first feature, “Antonia”, a biopic of the Italian poet Antonia Pozzi, with this outing.

La Bella Estate
Laurie Luchetti, who splashed with the 2018 teenage escape drama “Twin Flowers”, will soon be back on camera with this collection of three short stories by prominent Italian writer Cিজsar Paves that will share the upcoming era trophy and set early in the post-war era. Financing and ingalai are in their final stages.

Life ahead
Netflix recently gained worldwide rights to the drama, marking the return of Sophia Loren to feature films after a decade of absence. Directed by her son Eduardo Ponty, “Life Head” iconic Italian Oscar-winner Madame Rosa, a Holocaust survivor who watches a bond with a 12-year-old Senegalese immigrant boy named Momo, may be playing at the Pick Venice Film Festival. The film is an adaptation of Roman Gary’s novel “La Vie Devent Soi”, which was previously adapted for the big screen by Israeli filmmaker Moshe Mizrahi as “Madame Rosa” starring Simon Signoret. The film won the 1977 Foreign Language Oscar.

Non m eucidia re
(Don’t kill me)
Most of the partners in Netflix’s teen series “Baby” are ready to shoot a horror film based on the demographics of the same young man as the young director Andrea de Sika show. It is based on the bestselling Gothic novel about 19-year-old Mirta who died of a drug overdose with her ex-boyfriend Robin. He is then resurrected alone to know that he must eat the living to survive and cherish the memory of Robin’s love. Shooting is expected to begin soon. The cast is being contracted. Peak Hall is the director’s handy feature after the story “Night of Children”, an upcoming story in a high-crust boarding school flirting with horror elements.

Prior to “Sacro GRA” about the life of the Ring Road in the vicinity of Rome, Venice Golden Lion won the Jinfranco Rosie for her migration documentary, “Fire at Sea” and the 2016 Golden Bear in Berlin. Night life throughout the Middle East. For the film, Rosie immersed herself in war zones and other popular locations in the Middle East, such as her modus opera during filming.

Travel to Italy
Oscar-winning Italian director Gabriel Salvatore (“Mediterranean”) is living off the dock in Italy using content posted on social media during the lockdown and videos sent to his team by people in the epidemic. RII is selling less in the ear.

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