September 20, 2021


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The key to free streaming and premium levels – diversity

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NBCUniversal’s Peacock will be presented live to the national audience on July 15th, with over 20,000 hours for premium customers and more than 13,000 hours completely free.

So what is the service? Peacock free and peacock premium with original TV shows and movies (বিজ্ঞ 4.99 / month extra with ads, ads without ads 9.99 / month without ads) Here’s what to look for: Peacock’s Apple, Google, Xbox, LG, VGO, Comcast and Cox While available on platforms, it won’t be on Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

Both levels are content

Both Peacock’s Free and Premium levels feature current season episodes and NBC and Telemundo specials; News, sports and pop culture programming; And more than 30 genre channels, including live news from NBC News Now and Sky News, “The Office” (which Netflix is ​​due to launch in May 2020 at the end of 2020) will be shut down, and clipped channels from shows such as “Saturday” will be Night Live, Tonight’s show featuring Jimmy Fallon, “Late Night with Seth Myers,” the new twenty-four-hour “Today All Day” channel, and third-party streaming channels, including Flavor. Daily trending highlights are “Today,” “NBC Nightly News,” ” Meet the press, “” Noticias Telemundo, “will come from MSNBC, CNBC, NBC Sports, E! News and” Access Hollywood. “

Peacock free highlight

  • Movies: “Born Identity,” “Born Supreme,” “Born Ultimatum,” “Jurassic Park,” “Jurassic Park III,” “Tilly,” “Phantom Thread,” “Interpreter,” “American Psycho,” “The Matrix, “Matrix Released,” “Matrix Revolutions,” “Blair’s Dynasty Project,” “Mummy,” “Joe,” “Fletch,” “Fletch Lives,” “Riddick’s Chronicles: Dark Fury,” “Fear,” “Psycho,” “Do the right thing,” “Howard Duck,” “Billy Elliott,” “The Bird,” “Willie,” “Fear and Hate in Las Vegas,” “Last House Left,” “I Ali,” “Father’s Name,” “Lone Ranger, “The Hitcher,” “Law Enforcement,” “The Sting,” “What Dreams Can Come,” “Fried Green Tomatoes,” “A True Thing,” “Gosford Park,” “Dracula,” and “Dragon.” . “
  • Current TV Show: Free Tier will air new episodes of NBC’s Current Season Two series in a week’s time. They include “It’s Ours” and a sample episode of “The Blacklist” and Peacock Sources.
  • TV comedy: “30 Rock,” “Parks and Entertainment,” “Saturday Night Live,” “Preserved by Bell,” “Punkie Brewster,” “Johnny Carson Show,” “Carol Barnett Show,” “Real Husband Hollywood,” and ” Everyone hates Chris. “
  • TV dramas: “Friday Night Lights,” “Downton Abbey,” “Parenthood,” “Monk,” “Heroes,” “Psych,” “Game,” “Suite,” “Sacred Lights,” “Royal Pain,” “Battlestar. Galactica, “” Colombo, “” Hunter, “” The Rockford Files, “” Dateline, “” 21 Jump Street, “” Highlander, “” Leave It to Beaver, “” The Monsters, “and” Murder He Wrote. “
  • Reality TV series: “Under the Deck,” “Southern Charm,” “Crystal Knows Best,” “Bouched,” “Inverted,” “Million Dollar List New York,” “Panda Star,” “Storage Wars,” “Real Housewives Dallas,” “” Jay Leno’s Garage, “” Shahs of Sunset “and” Undercover Boss “
  • Reality Contest TV series: “Top Chef Masters,” “Hell’s Kitchen,” “Hollywood Game Night,” and “American Ninja Warrior Jr.”
  • Kids TV series: “Kong: Animated Series,” “Pack-Man and Ghootly Adventures,” “American Tail of the Five” and “Woody Woodpecker”
  • Spanish-language TV shows: “Betty N NY,” “I Love Jenny,” “Rina de Corazons,” “The Rivieras,” “Proso No. 1,” “Caso Serrado,” “El Baron,” “El Chema,” “Larimonia,” “Pero Amor,” “MI Familia Perfecta,” “Queen S. Queen,” “Victoria,” and “Donade Esta Elisa.”
  • Sports: Coverage of four exclusive Premier League matches, the U.S. Open Championship and Women’s Open Championship on July 15, direct NFL wild card play-off games in January 2021, and select events for the upcoming Tokyo and Beijing Olympics. Also, Peacock Free will include on-demand replays of events such as the Triple Crown Horse Race, daily highlights from NBC Sports and Tiger Woods Chasing History, 1968, IM Ali, Hundreds of Hours of Dreams Sports Series, Documentaries and Movies Team, Bival Split, Willie and Peacock lost their original speedways and Ryan Lochte in deep.

Peacock Premium Highlights

In addition to everything from free tires, paid customers will have access to:

  • “Brave New World,” “Capture,” “Wisdom,” “Psych 2: Lacey Come Home,” Dream Works, “Where’s Waldo?” A complete catalog of peacock sources including? And “Cleopatra in Space”, and “Curious George”
  • “Two and a Half Men,” “Everyone Loves Raymond,” “George Lopez,” “Jeff Foxable Show,” “King of Queens,” “Superstore,” “Fraser,” “Cheers,” “House,” “Matter,” “Yellowstone,” “Law and Order,” “Law and Order: SVU,” “Ray Donvan,” “Swedish Dicks,” and “American Ninja Warrior.”
  • Kids series including DreamWorks “Dragon: Burke of Riders”, “Care Bears” and “Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lotte”
  • “Shrek,” “Lone Survival,” “Ted,” “Identity Thief,” “Children,” “The Battle of Charlie Wilson,” “Sarah Marshall,” “Frankenstein,” “Kick Scream,” “Movies with Larry Crown,” “And” you, me and noon “
  • The premium level will provide pre-programming access to new episodes of the current season’s NBC shows, including “America’s Got Talent,” “Blindspot,” “Joey’s Awesome Playlist,” “Lily Singh with a little late,” and “Sunday Night Live.” Superstore, “” Law and Order: SVU, “” Chicago PD, “” Chicago Fire, “” Chicago Made, “” New Amsterdam, “” Manifest, “” Titan Games, “” Hollywood Game Night, “” Dance World, ” “Kelly Clarkson Show,” “Access Hollywood,” “The Days of Our Life,” “Dateline,” “NBC Nightly News,” and “Meet the Press,” and the Telemundo Series, including “100 Dias Para Enamorarnos,” “Celia,” Senate, “” Enimigo Intimo, “” La Doa, “” Minuto Para Ganara “and” Noticias Telemundo “
  • Peacock is only available at premium when returning to studio production in the evening on “Late Night with Seth Myers” and “The Tight Show Jimmy Fallon” at 8pm.
  • Sports: Peacock Premium also features access to live and on-demand sports programming, including more than 175 exclusive Premier League matches in the 2020-2021 season; Coverage of elite cycling events such as the Tour de France from August 29-September. 20, and La Vualta from October 20-November. 8; And the August 2020 series includes more than 100 hours of WWW content, including collections such as “WWU Untold” and “Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions” and “John Cena’s Best WrestleMania Match.”

Coming to Peacock soon

  • Original: Peacock’s new original programming includes previously announced titles such as “Protected by Bell”, “Battlestar Galactica,” and “Punky Brewster,” as well as “Angelin,” “Rutherford Falls,” “Dr. Death,” “Housewives Mash.” -Up, “” Five Bedrooms, “” Lady Parts, “” Girls 5 Eva, “” Who wrote, “” Tonight’s Kids Show, “” Amber Rafin Show, “” Armas de Muzar “and” Caso Serrado. “
  • Library TV shows: In addition to “Office” in January 2021, include “Chicago PD,” “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago Med,” “Rosen,” “Third Rock from the Sun,” “Bates Motel,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “” Atlanta Real Housewives, “” New York’s Real Housewives, “” Orange County’s Real Housewives, “” Beverly Hills Real Housewives, “” Vanderpump Rules, “” Millionaire Matchmaker, “” Top Millionaire Matchmaker, ” Curse of the Island, “” First 48, “” American Pickers, “” Ancient Aliens, “” Cold Case Files, “and” Fascinating. “
  • Movies: Peacock coming to the “Pay-One” TV window in the next few months includes “Trolls World Tour,” “You Should Be Left,” “Cruds 2”; “Boss Baby 2,” and “Spirit.” Upcoming library titles like “Mama,” “You Won’t Be My Neighbor,” “The Purge,” “Riddick,” “Ride Island,” “ET, Extra Terrestrial,” “American Gangster,” “ANTZ,” ” Fast and Furious, “” Fast 5, “” Fast and Furious 6, “” Field of Dreams, “” Express, “” Drop, “” Bridesmaids, “” National Lampoon Vacation, “” National Lampoon European Vacation, “” Wanted. ” , “Evan the Almighty,” “The Conjuring,” “Murray Dawn,” “The Dark Knight,” “The Beatles,” “The Big Lebowski,” “The Scent of a Woman,” “Matballs,” 3 “Lost in Yum,” ” , “” Brokeback Mountain, “” Peach Black, “” Graduate, “” Police Academy, “” The Great Outer, “” Hostel, “” Bone Collector, “” Robin Hood, “” The Heart Locker, “” Breakup, ” “” Open Water, “” it follows, “” The Way of Carlito “and” Cincinnati “.

The peacock originals will come later this summer

Peacock has announced the premiere dates of four main series for its debut next week:

  • “Hitman” – premiered August 6, 2020 in the British dark comedy about best friends and contract killers, starring Mel Gidroyick and Sue Perkins. Produced by Tiger Aspect in collaboration with Sky Studios.
  • “Five Bedrooms” – August 13, 2020 20 Australians buying a house together is about five singles dramatic. Starring Kat Stewart, Stephen Peok, Doris Yunane, Katie Robertson, Roy Joseph, Kate Jenkinson and Hugh Sheridan. The film is produced by Hoodlum Entertainment in association with Victoria. It is co-sponsored by Sky Studios, Network Ten and Screen Australia.
  • “AP Bio” – Season 3 premiering September 3, 2020. A Harvard philosophy professor who took a job as a high school AP biology teacher was canceled by NBC last year after two seasons. Glenn Howarton, Patton Oswalt, Mary Sohan, Lyric Lewis, Jean Willipick And starring Pala Pel.Broadway Video Productions, Seth Producer Jutimars Productions and Universal Television.
  • “Departure” – the premiere of September 17, 2020 a drama about the mysterious disappearance of a passenger plane. Starring Archie Punjabi and Christopher Plumer. Produced in collaboration with Sterling Television and Cross Entertainment, produced by Shafesbury in Canada and Greenpoint Productions in the United States.

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