October 25, 2021


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The Korea box office evaporates as a weekend holiday effect

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The local thriller “On the Line” topped the South Korean box office charts. But its weak total showed that the improvement of the cinema hall from the Chusek holidays was short-lived.

According to Kobis, a box office tracking service provided by the Korean Film Council (KOFIC), “On the Line” grossed দ্বিতীয় 1.56 million in its second weekend, just 28% less than its debut. It gave Weekend a total of 39% shares, with Mira 647,000 and 16% shares before “Miracle: Letters to the President” and “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” with $ 529,000 and 13% shares.

Day-to-day statistics reveal that “On the Line” has enjoyed দিন 1 million for two days, at the height of the holiday on Tuesday and Wednesday. But, with so many people returning to work over the weekend, the film’s Thursday and Friday scores dropped to just $ 317,000 and $ 330,000, respectively. Twelve days after its release, the film’s total collection stands at just 7.99 million.

“Miracle”, which was released on the same day, September 15, to capitalize on the whole Chusiok effect, a total of দিনের 3.58 million in 12 days. “Shang-Chi”, which was released on September 1, has a total collection of 14.4 million.

The weekend saw no significant new releases and the total box office nationwide for the Friday-Sunday period was $ 3.99 million. This has turned it into the quietest movie-running weekend in months.

Jumping to the bottom of the charts, Japanese animation, “Crown Shin-Chan: Scribble Kingdom and Almost Four Heroes” ranked fourth with 24 241,000, and “Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle” came in fifth with 223,000. Their combination is now 1.03 million and $ 1.26 million, respectively.
The highest-grossing film of the year “Escape from Mogadish” grossed 207 207,000 over the weekend, raising its two-month run to .0 29.0 million.

Seventh-place “Candyman” took দ্বিতীয় 166,000 in its second weekend, for a total of 1 361,000 over 12 days.

The poor performance of some of the most anticipated Korean films of the year, places the possibility that the whole year will sway in favor of imported box office titles. Hollywood seems to be dominating the last quarter. The James Bond franchise film “No Time to Die” will open on Wednesday (September 29), followed by “Venom 2: Let the Be Carnegie” on October 1st. “An Indefinite November Outing Teasing.” Spider-Man: No Way Home “is set to release in December.

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